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Professional Development 

View Mark Charendoff's message to Southern California's Local Group 
 Read his transcript here.
Past Programs and Available Resource Booklets:

Know Thy Neighbor: Understanding Islam for Jewish Communal Professionals
Produced in the summer of 2005, this program featured a 45 minute DVD lecture by Rabbi Michael Paley, as well as an accompanying study guide on Islam.
*To receive a copy of the DVD, please contact info@jcsana.org.
*The online study guide is available as a PDF
here (38 pages, 500 KB)

Managing Your Career in Jewish Communal Service:
This booklet and accompanying video tape were aimed at enhancing careers in Jewish Communal Service, and served as a companion to an issue of the Journal on Recruitment and Retention.
*For a copy of the video tape or the booklet, contact info@jcsana.org

Rights and Responsibilities of the Practitioner:
This booklet was produced in 1986, developed in conjuction with the various APAs.
"Rights and Responsibilities" is a compilation of the following documents:
Model Code of Ethics
A Compendium of Provisions for a Model Personnel Practicies Code
Goals for Retirement Program Standards
Grevance Procedures: The Mediating Role of an APA.
*More information, along with PDF copies of the various pieces can be found here.
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