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The HUC-JIR School of Jewish Communal Service:  Celebrating the Past, Shaping the Future
Summer/Fall 2009. Volume 84, No. 3/4. 

Table of Contents:
I. An Introduction: Celebrating the Past, Shaping the Future
    Gerald B. Bubis
    Barb Gelb, Ann Hartman Luban, and Rachel Sisk
    Dana Sheanin
II. Things I (Should Have) Learned in School
    Sarah Bunin Benor and Bruce A. Phillips
    Bruce A. Phillips
    Steven G. Donshik
    Marla Eglash Abraham, Sally Weber, John Fishel, and David Levy

III. Here, There, and Everywhere: Reflections from the Field

    Andi Milens
    Michele F. Prince
    Sally Weber and Michelle Krotinger Wolf
    Joy Sisisky
    Javier Simonovich
    Heidi Heft LaPorte, Jay Sweifach, and David Strug

IV. The Millennials are Coming

    Lori Klein and Shira Liff-Grieff
    Debbie Tuttle
    Miriam Pullman Friedman
    Alicia Cohen
V. Closing Benediction
    Zoë Klein
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