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United Jewish Communities General Assembly
Summer 2002. Volume 78, No. 4

Table of Contents:
Letter of Welcome
    Harold S. Goldman
Letter of Introduction
    Ernest M. Kahn and Jonathan Rosenbaum

Strenghtening Community Post September 11
    John S. Ruskay

Public Policy and Jewish Needs
Felice Davidson Perlmutter, Jay Spector, Elinor Hewitt, and Eve Gottesman

Jewish Education in Philadelphia: Historic Precedents and New Observations
    Jonathan Rosebaum and Helene Z. Tigay
The Synagogue in Greater Philadelphia: Recent Past, Present and Future
    Rabbi Aaron Landes
Strengthening Professional Leadership of Jewish Agencies: The Tri-State Jewish Professional Institute
    Marcia I. Bronstein and Amy Stamelman Hocky
The Past as Prologue: Aging Jewishly in Philadelphia
    Allen Glicksman
The Development of Child Day Care Under Jewish Auspices in the Greater Philadelphia Community
    Norman S. Finkel
Redefining Citizenship Services: The Case for Jewish Communal Involvement
    Susan Adams and Judith Bernstein-Baker
Reaching and Teaching Jewish Youth: A Case Study of Post-B'nai Mitzvah Retention and Engagement
    Sharon M. Ravitch
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