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Recruitment and Retention: Imperatives For The Field Of Jewish Communal Service
Winter/Spring 2003. Volume 78, No. 1
 Table of Contents:
From the Editor
    Susan L. Shevitz
I. Recruitment and Retention: Imperatives for the Field of Jewish Communal Service
    Larry S. Moses and Dana R. Sheanin
II. Community Relations in the Aftermath of September 11
A Call to Action: Social Justice and Community Relations
    Hannah Rosenthal
What's in the Name? A Case Study for Community Relations
   Rabbi Marla Feldman
Recapturing Our Soul: A Vision of Community Relations
    Nancy B. Kaufman

III. The Growing Gap Between American Jews and Israel: Two Views

The Israeli Perspective
    Ardie Geldman
The North American Perspective
    Steven bayme

IV. Building a United and Caring Jewish Community
    Dr. Norman Linzer

V. Synagogue Renewal
Synagogues and Federations: From Rivalt so Partners
    Rabbi Richard Jacobs
Synagogue Renewal and the Role
    Lawrence A. Hoffman and Ron Wolfson
VI. The Hessed Model: Jewish Community Welfare Centers in the Former Soviet Union
    Amos Avgar, Miriam Barasch, Aliza Kol-Fogelson, Julia Mirsky, Roni Kaufman, Esther Iecovich, and 
    Leonid Kolton
VII. When Do the Best Rest - And Why? A Work in Progress
    Rabbi David J. Kucker
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