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Past Achievements and New Challenges
Spring 2000. Volume 76, No. 3
 Table of Contents:
From the Editor
JCSA Marks its 100th Anniversary
Daniel Thursz in Memoriam
Professional Leadership for the 21st Century
    Jerry W. Levin
Leadership Training for a Global Jewish Civil Service
    Gerald B. Bubis
New Approaches in Academic Training for Jewish Community Professionals Outside the United States: Assessing the Need
    Dr. Meryl Weissmann
Should Jewish Communal Workers be Held to a Higher Standard?: Moral Dilemmas in the Workplace
    Norman Linzer
Changing the Core: Communal Policies and Present Realitites in the Professional Development of Teachers for Jewish Schools
    Barry W. Holtz, Adam Gamoran, Gail Zaiman Dorph, Ellen Goldring, & Bill Robinson
Renewing Jewish Life through Jewish Civics
    Sidney Schwarz
The Strategic Planning Trap: How to Avoid It
    Richard A. Bobbe, Jill Mendelson, & Yisroel Schulman
Parallel Power Structures, Invisible Careers and the Changing Nature of American Jewish Women's Philanthropy
    Susan M. Chambre
How the 1990 National Jewish Population Survey Was Used by Federation Professionals for Jewish Continuity Purposes
    Rabbi Hayim Herring
Surviving: How Religious Holocaust Survivors Cope with their Trauma
    Sara Botwinick
Moving On: Families of Separation and Divorce
    Barbara King Lanzet & Jeffrey M. Bernhardt
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