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The Jewish Communal Service Association of North America (JCSA) is shaping, defining and promoting professional leadership in Jewish community service for the 21st Century. Working with a broad spectrum of organizations in the United States and Canada, JCSA connects practitioners and leadership and provides opportunities to share knowledge and collaborate across fields of service. JCSA brings together multiple professions, associations and advocacy groups, linking 13 local organizations by providing partnership and advancement opportunities. JCSA supports professional development and the creation and dissemination of educational resources, and promotes best practices, recognition, advocacy and networking. JCSA actively assists in the creation of new groups -- and in the development and retention of young talent through its prestigious Young Professional Award, which recognizes exemplary leadership, and its Graduate Students Network. JCSA’s publications, including the Journal of Jewish Communal Service, focus on professional standards, trends and developments, and critical thinking on important issues for the Jewish community.


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