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Jewish Family Service: New Models for the New Millennium 
Journal of Jewish Communal Service. Volume 82, number 1/2: Winter/Spring 2007

Table of Contents:
It has been 10 years since the last time the Journal of Jewish Communal Service focused upon Jewish Family Services. Like the 1996/7 journal, this issue contains articles on Jewish healing, spirituality and the role of affiliation-bolstering programming in family services, leadership, philanthropy and entrepreneurialism, addiction, poverty, domestic violence, and disability services in the Jewish community. 

What is different about this issue is the new approach service providers are taking. In past years, JFS programs took place in offices and facilities. As is evident in this journal, practitioners are now reaching out to clients, donors, stakeholders and others in a more active way. Also, service providers are accomodating themselves to the new Jewish family, which is no longer the two-parent, two-child model.
Table of Contents:

I. Letter From the Guest Editor
A New Model of Jewish Family Service Expresses Itself in the New Millennium
     Alan Siskind

II. A Tribute
Alan Siskind: A Life of Service
     John S. Ruskay

III. Healing
Bridges to Wholeness: Jewish Family Services and Jewish Healing
     Tracey Lipsig Kite and Susan Rosenthal
Creating Opportunities for Spiritual Awareness and Growth Within a Jewish Family Service Agency
     Rabbi Lenore Bohm
The Healing Circle: A New Model for Nurturing Spirituality in Jewish Family Service Agencies
     Marjorie Sokoll 
Shleimut: A Synagogue-Based Team Approach to Health and Healing
     Jacki Post Ashkin and Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin 

IV. Building Relationships
The Rabbi/Social Worker Roundtable
     Sally Weber
Not Lost in Translation: How to Perform Competent Cross-Cultural Consultation
     Ruth Sterlin
A Marriage of Jewish Family Services and the Criminal Justice System: Innovation and Collaboration in Addressing Domestic Violence in the Orthodox Community
     Chana Widawski and Shoshannah D. Frydman 

V. Community Response
The Community as Healer: Coping with Katrina: Jewish Family Service of New Orleans Transforms Itself to Meet the Needs of a Traumatized Community
     Deena Gerber and Anne freedman
Community-Based Addiction Treatment
     Ellen Yashinsky
Conducting and Responding to a Jewish Community Health Survey: Rationale, Results, and Advice
     Maureen R. Benjamins, Dana M. Rhodes, Joel M. Carp, and Steven Whitman

Understanding the Jewish Near Poor: An Analysis of the Population and How the Jewish Community Can Serve Them
     William Rapfogel, Ilene S. Marcus, and Esther Larson

VI. Inclusion and Engagement
From Invisibility to Visibly In: Community-Program-Ignited Change in Awareness and Attitudes Toward Jews with Disabilities
     Shelly Christensen and Margie Weil
Forging Jewish Links: Connecting the Unconnected
     Annette Muffs Botnick and Elaine R. Rotenberg
Meeting a Critical Community Need by Engaging the Next Generation of Jewish Leaders: The CJP Disabilities Housing Initiative and the CJP Real Estate Next Generation Group
     Edward M. Bruckner and Elizabeth Sternberg

VII. The Future
A Venture Worth Taking?: Sustaining 21st-Century Nonprofit Organizations Through Social Venture Philanthropy
     Reuben Romirowsky
Addressing the Professional Leadership Crisis in the Jewish Family Service Field
     Jaclynn I. Faffer and Seymour J. Friedland


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