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Adressing the Quality of Aging in the Jewish Community 
Journal of Jewish Communal Service. Volume 81, Issue 3/4: Spring/Summer 2006
Table of Contents

The needs and care of the elderly are a primary concern for the Jewish community.  Demographic changes, new funding structures, longevity and health care delivery are just some of the many issues contributing to a need for serious review and consideration of Aging Services and planning in the Jewish community.  This publication is an important contribution to discussions which will impact all of us:
  • How does a community respond to the needs of its elders?
  • How does a community evaluate its programs?
  • How do Jewish communal organizations cooperate to meet the needs of older adults and their families?
What is the community’s responsibility in ensuring that elders can enjoy a vibrant Jewish community? That there is quality of life for Jewish elders? That there is quality of care for Jewish elders?  That there is support for their caregivers?
Is Kosher the threshold issue for Jewish services for the elderly? Rabbi David Ellenson, of HUC-JIR explores “What Makes an Organization Jewish?”  New models of Long Term Care are considered in articles by Anita Altman, Karen Alexander and others.  The spiritual needs of the elderly are considered, as well as the need for Elder Abuse Shelters.
This issue celebrates the accomplishments of all our colleagues who labor to assure an excellent quality of life for our elders (and us in the years to come!), as well as the 45th Anniversary of the Association of Jewish Aging Services, an Affiliated Professional Association of JCSA and our partner in publishing this issue. Together, we have dedicated this issue to Marty Silverman (z”l), a modest and generous philanthropist whose foresight and generosity significantly expanded and improved the capacity of the Jewish community to meet the needs of its elderly. 
Table of Contents:

I. Long-Term Care: Missoin and Vision in Changing Environments
What Makes a Jewish Organization "Jewish" 
     Rabbi David Ellenson
Philanthropy and Geriatrics: An Overview of Funders and Funding
     Robert Wolf

II. The Jewish Nature of Long-Term Care
Welcoming the Jewish Community: A Strategic Initiative"
     Shira A. Garber and Cara L. Unowsky
Forsake Them Not: The Jewish Community and Elders in Non-Jewish Long-Term Care Facilities
     Rabbi Dayle A. Friedman
Facing Life and Death: Spirituality in End of Life Care
     Rabbi Amy Eilberg
Evolutionary Governance in Revolutionary Times: Jewish Nonprofits Respond to Eldercare Needs
     Molly Forrest
Preparing Communal Professionals to Support Jewish Aging
     Susan L. Shevitz
What's the Matter with Florida? Public Funding for Long Term Care
     Madeleine Tress

III. Programs and Services for the Older Adult Norcs and Housing Programs
Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities: An Introduction
     Karen Alexander
The New York NORC-Supportive Services Program
     Anita Altman
The Supportive Community: A Program to Enhance the Quality of Life of the Elderly in Israel
     Jenny Brodsky and Ayelet Berg-Warman

IV. Jewish Community Supports for Elders
Sounding the Shofar: A Wake-up Call to the Epidemic of Elder Abuse
     Joy Solomon, Esq.
"Finished at 40" or "Second Wind?" Employment Challanges and Opportunities for the New Older Worker and the Workplace
     Leonard C. Schneider, Ronald I. Coun, and Linda Zamer
Jewish Aging Services: The Role of Jewish Family Service Agencies
     Neil P. Newstein and Jenni Frumer

V. Addressing the Needs of Holocaust Survivors
A Drop-In Centre for Holocaust Survivors: Inspiring Hope, Meaning, and Purpose
     Myra Giberovitch
Overcoming Victimhood: A Case Study on the Extended Traumatic Effects of a Holocaust Childhood
     Sara Botwinick

VI. Jewish Education and Program Briefs
Sacred Aging
     Rabbi Richard Address
United Synagogue's Hazak Program
     Morton Siegel
A Community's Response to Aging in Place
     Sally B. Oken
Para-Chaplains and Jewish Elders
     Michele Wolgel Rose


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