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Recruitment and Retention: Imperatives for Jewish Communal Leadership
Journal of Jewish Communal Service. Volume 80, Issue 2-3: Summer/Fall 2004

Vol. 80 No. 2-3

Recruitment and & Retention:
Imperatives for Jewish Communal Leadership

Recognizing Shoshana Cardin:
An Exceptional Volunteer Leader
JCSA Letter of Introduction - Jay Spector and Brenda Gevertz
A Role Model for the Jewish People Today: A Personal Tribute to Shoshana Cardin
- Steven Huberman

 Table of Contents

I. Recuitment and Retention
Managing Your Career in Jewish Communal Service: JCSA Teleconference 2002
Robin S. Axelrod, Cindy Chazan, David E. Edell, Alfred P. Miller
Centering on Professionals: A Plan of Action
Steven J. Rod
Careers That Count
Robin S. Axelrod
In the Beginning: Creating a Local Jewish Community Professional Association
     Cindy Goldstein, Robin S. Levenston, Caron Blau Rothstein, and Debra Silberman Weinberg
A New Generation of Professionals: Reflections and Strategies-Recruitment and Retention
Adina Danzig, David E. Edell, Robin S. Levenston, and Rabbi David Rosenn 
Professional Personnel: Local Response to Crisis
Barry Rosenberg, Carl A. Sheingold, and Shelly Chanitz
Sequencing: The Latest Recruitment and Retention Challenge
Ann Hartman Luban
II.Other Important Matters Considered
Living in Relationship With The Other: God and Human Perfection in the Jewish Tradition--Implications for Jewish Communal Professionals
David Hartman
Making Leaders: How the American Jewish Community Prepares Its Lay Leaders
     Hal M. Lewis
Social Work Practice: Alive and Well in the JCC
Jay S. Sweifach
Working for a Living: Senior Adults as Contributors to Jewish Community
Ellen S. Stevens-Roseman
From Good to Great: How to Create Jewish Learning Communities of Excellence--An Essay Review of "The New Jewish Experiential Book" by Bernard Reisman
Steven Huberman
Building Bridges: From Learning to Living—An Evaluation
David A. Teutsch
Matthew Penn—In Memoriam
William Kahn and Daniel Mann
Sanford Solender—In Memoriam
Brenda Gevertz
"Pages of Honor"
About the Authors
Journal Index: 2003-2004


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