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World Council of Jewish Communal Service
Journal of Jewish Communal Service. Volume 79, Issue 2-3, Winter/Spring 2003

Vol 79, No.2-3

World Council of Jewish Communal Service:

Quadrennial, 12-16 November, 2003, Jerusalem

Table of Contents:

From the Guest Editors - Linda G. Levi and Theodore Comet, WCJCS Guest Editors

WCJS: Goals and Mission - Howard Charish, President, and Jack Habib, Associate President, WCJCS

2003 Quadrennial Preview: Gathering at a Time of Crisis -
Robert Aronson and Daniel Pins, Co-Chairs, WCJS Quadrennial Program Committee; Audrey S. Weiner, Chair, WCJS Quadrennial Professional Tracks

 Table of Contents:

I. The Role of the Jewish Communal Professional in Responding to Crisis

Global Overview of the Jewish Condition Today: The Destabilizing Effect of Crisis on Jewish Communities
Steven Schwager
The Year That Was: Lessons for Moving Forward
John S. Ruskay
Learning from the Past and Present: Rabbinic and Communal Responses to Crisis
Rabbi Michael Paley

II. Responding to Crisis—Israel


The Situation in Israel and Its Impact on the Role of the Professional
Daniel S. Mariaschin
Responding to Emergencies in Israel: Roles, Challenges, and Opportunities for Jewish Communal Professionals
Shelley Horwitz and Roberta Marcus Leiner
Strategies for Community Action and Inter-Community Cooperation: Report on the WCJCS Seminar June 2002
Solomon Green, Reporter
Community Resilience: Lessons Derived from Gilo Under Fire
Michael Ganor and Yuli Ben-Lavy
Trauma and Compassion Fatigue: Helping the Helpers
Jacinto Inbar and Michael Ganor
Coping With the Middle East Crisis on Campus: The Role of Hillel and the Hillel Professionals in North America, 2000-2002 
     Jay L. Rubin

III. Responding to Crisis—Argentina

The Eruption of Poverty in the Argentine Jewish Community: Strategies and Reflections
Daniel Yoffe and Nora Blaistein
Buenos Aires and the Chicago Jewish Communities: Developing Linkages
Peter Friedman and David S. Rosen

IV. Responding to Crisis—FSU

The Hesed Welfare Model: A Community Response to Crisis
Amos Avgar, Roni Kaufman, Leonid Kolton, and Sofia Abramova

V. A Changing European Jewry

The Changing Scene for European Jewry: Report of the European Conference of Jewish Communal Service, October, 2002
Nelly Hansson, Reporter

VI. Jewish Communities on the Move

Coming to Miami: The Domestic Impact of the Crisis in Argentina
Bruce J. Yudewitz
The Emigration Phenomenon and its Impact on the South African Jewish Community
David Saks
Aliyah to Israel in the 1990s: Lessons for the Future
Jack Habib and Judith King

VII. Holocaust Survivors
Caring for Holocaust Survivors: Rethinking the Paradigms
Allen Glicksman, Kimberly Van Haitsma, Michelle Mamberg, Michelle Gagnon, and Daniel Brom
VIII. World Council of Jewish Communal Service

WCJS: A Vision for the Future
Rabbi Richard Marker
Call for Papers
Sylvia Barak Fishman, Chair, Authors Forum
10th Quadrennial Preliminary Program
Pre-Conference Registration Material and Form

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