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Jewish Vocational Services: Building Skills, Improving Lives, & Strengthening Communities
Journal of Jewish Communal Service. Volume 82, Number 3.

Table of Contents

   I. Tribute to Ronald I. Coun

   Photo Montage of Ron Coun

   A Tribute to Ronald I. Coun: "A Man for All Seasons"
       Dr. Leonard C. Schneider

   II. The Impact of Ron Coun on the JVS Field and the Community

   "Little Big Man": Ron Coun and His Legacy
       Max L. Kleinman

   Baby Boomers in Retirement: Implications for the Workforce
       Kathy Krepcio
   How Old is Old? New Perspectives on Aging and Eldercare Services
       Karen Alexander

   III. The Miltifaceted Roles of Jewish Vocational Services
   Amplifying Jewish Vocational Services - 2006
       Ronald I. Coun
   From Tzedakah to Independence
       Yaakov Taitz, PhD

   A Retrospective of Jewish Vocational Services, As Viewed Through the Pages of the 
Journal of Jewish Communal Service
       David Mendelson

   IV. The Future Is Now for Not-for-Profit Agencies: Lessons Learned
   from Jewish Vocational Agencies
   JVS: The Economic Engineer for All Times
       Gail Magaliff

   Broadening the Revenue Stream for Jewish Communal and Other Not-for-Profit
   Organizations Through the Creation of For-Profit and Other Joint Ventures

       Alfred P. Miller

   Strictly Business - Strictly JVS
       Abby Snay & Wendy Verba
   Microenterprise Programs & Their Impact on JVS and the Community
       Richard D. Rotberg

   Does He Who Pays the Piper Always Call the Tune? Public Funds & Jewish
Vocational Services
       Felice Perlmutter, PhD

   Literacy Education & the Workforce: Bridging a Critical Gap
       Nancy T. Fisher & Dr. Leonard C. Schneider
   Vocational Services in the Framework of a Jewish Family Service Agency
       Larry S. Greenbaum & Leah Temkin

   V. International Association of Jewish Vocational Services: A World

   "Virtual Neighbors"- Professional Collaboration through the International Association
   of Jewish Vocational Services: An Israeli Perspective

       David B. Marcu, MA, MBA
   The Story of jewish Vocational Services in Canada
       Karen Goldenberg & Etan Vlessing

   VI. From the Field: Leadership, Philanthropy, and Education
   Personal, Institutional, and Communal Leadership: Rethinking Leadership
   Development fot the Jewish Community

       Dr. Erica Brown
   A Jewish View on Leadership
       Dr. Hal M. Lewish
   The Second American Jewish Revolution
       Steven Windmueller, PhD
   "First We Touch, and Then We Teach" Understanding Dr. Shlomo Bardin's
   Contribution to Informal Jewish Education

       Bruce Powell & Rabbi Scott Aaron
   Synagogues, Jewish Community Centers, & Other Jewish ORganizations: Who Joins,  
   Who Doesn't?

       Ira M. Sheskin, PhD & Laurence Kotler-Berkowitz, PhD

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