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Imagine the Unimaginable: Disaster Planning, Preparedness & Response
Journal of Jewish Communal Service. Volume 83, Number 1: Fall 2007

Table of Contents:

   Letter from the gues Editor
       Barry Swartz
   On the Receiving End: A Personal Reflection
       Gail Naron Chalew

 I. Preparedness & Planning
   The Road to Resiliencey: Building a Jewish Community Trauma Response Plan
       Joel M. Carp
   Overcoming Community Crisis: Why and How Jewish Communities Should Develop 
   Crisis-Preparedness Systems

       Naftali Elimeleh
   Trauma Response, Recovery, Planning, and Preparedness: Lessons Learned
       Shelly Horwitz

II. Response & Recovery
   Responding to natural Disasters: JDC's Response to the Tsunami
       Amos Avgar, William Recant, & Romi Kaplan
   Restoring Employment - Integral to Disaster Management and Recovery
       Gail A. Magaliff & Steven M. Crimando
   Do Not Separate Yourself from the Community: Community Relations in Disaster 
   Response and Recovery

       Andi Milens
   Community-Based Behavioral Health Interventions in New York City After 9/11:  
   A Provider's Story

       Jonas Waizer, Amy Dorin, Ellen Stoller, & Roy Laird
   In the Eye of the Storm: Responding to Senior Needs Before, During, and After
       Jaclynn I. Faffer

III. Learing From Katrina
   Back from the Abyss: Rescue, Recovery, and Rebuilding Devastated
       Howard S. Feinberg
   A Community Revitalized, a City Rediscovered: The New Orleans Jewish Community  
   Two Years Post-Katrina

       Gail Naron Chalew
   Action in Crisis and Uncertainty: Houston's Response to Hurricane Katrina
       Lee Wunsch

IV. Jewish Responses to Crisis
   A New Model for Disaster Chaplaincy
       Rabbi Myrna Matsa
   Therefore Choose Life: The Jewish Perspective on Coming with Catastrophe
       David M. Pollock
   In the Aftermath...(of the Seattle Shooting): A Word for Jewish Communal 

       Erica Brown

V. In Memoriam

   A Tribute to Pam Waechter

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