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Past Issues of the Journal of Jewish Communal Service:

Jewish Communal Service Association: 100th Anniversary
Volume 76, Issue 1-2, Fall/Winter 1999
I. The Profession: Today and Tomorrow
        JCSA- A Century of Service
             Joel Ollander
       JCSA Today: Results of the 1999 Membership Survey
             Dean Sheldon R. Gelman, et al.
        The Jewish Communal Professional in the Twenty First Century
             Prof. Gerald B. Bubis
        Change the Vision, Not the Mission!: Professional Leadership in the 21st Century
             Max L. Kleinman
        Young Professionals: Helping Shape the Field of Jewish Communal Service
             Jennifer Rosenberg
II. Current Issues Confronting the Profession
        The Institutional Changing Process: Lessons Learned Along the Way
             Wayne L. Feinstein
        Professional Leaders Respond
             Allan Finkelstein, Howard Charish, Bert J. Goldberg, Ferne Katleman, Prof. Michael Austin
        Reinventing Jewish Communal Structures: The Creation of the United Jewish Communities
             Jeffrey R. Solomon, Ph. D
       The Implications of New Founding Streams for the Federation System
             Donald Kent and Jack Wetheimer
        Response: The Funder’s Perspective
             Evan Mendelson
        American Jewry’s Focus on Continuity-At Ten Years
             John Ruskay, Ph. D. and Alisa Rubin Kurshan, Ph. D
        Women in Jewish Communal Service: A Reflection
             Audrey S. Weiner, D.S.W
       The Mission of the Schools of Jewish Communal Service: Shaping the “Compleat” Jewish Communal Service Professional
             Rela Mintz Geffen, Ph. D
        World Council of Jewish Communal Service
             Howard Charish and Theordore Comet
III. Honoring JCSA Past Presidents

        Acknowledgements and Introduction
             Ellie Aronowitz and Bert J. Goldberg
        “Past Presidents “Pages of Honors" 

Emerging Issues in Jewish Continuity
Volume 75, Issue 4, Summer 1999

I. Forum: Emerging Issues In Jewish Continuity
Being Jewish as a Leisure-Time Activity
     Jeffrey L. Rouss
The Federation as an Educational Catalyst
     Erica Brown
Lay Leadership in Jewish Education: Recruitment, Retention, and Development
     Pearl Beck
Assessing Jewish Knowledge of Staff in the Jewish Community Center: A Case Study
     Margot Forkosh Atlas
Continuity and Conversion
     Lawrence J. Epstein
Alienated Jews: What about Outreach to Jewish Lesbians?
     Danita Mushkat
The Shifting Role of Diaspora Community Representatives in Israel
     Raviv Schwartz
The Adaptation of Russian Immigrant Families
     Gary N. Goldsmith
The Vanished Communal Heritage of Holocaust Survivors: Its impact on Survivors and their Children
     Carla Lessing
A Proposal for a Service Network for Holocaust Survivors
     Myra Giberovitch
Leadership Styles of Jewish Family Service Executives and Organizational Effectiveness 
     Reuben L. Romirowsky
World Council of Jewish Communal Service Ninth Annual Quadrennial
     Ted Comet

Bernard Reisman: Educator Jewish Communal Profession: A Tribute
Volume 75, Issue 2-3, Winter/Spring 1998/99

I. Hornstein Program
        President’s letter
             Jehuda Reinharz
        Whence Hornstein?
             Leonard Fein
        The Transformation of Jewish Social Work: Bernard Resiman and the Hornstein Program at Brandeis University
             Leon A. Jick  
         Continuity and Change: The Hornstein Program’s Approach to Educating Jewish Communal Professionals
             Susan L. Shevitz
II. Issues of Concern
Jewish Leadership and the Jewish Renaissance: New Challenges for Leadership Development
             Jonathan S. Woocher
        Volunteer- Professional Relations Revisited
             Miriam A. Schneirov and Stephen D. Solender
        Changing American Jewish Attitudes Toward Israel
             Earl Raab
        Image Israel: Then and Now
             Melvin H. Bloom
        Religious Pluralism: Where Should the Focus Be? 
             Joseph Reimer
        Jewish Institutions as Jewish Learning Organizations and Communities
             Sara S. Lee
        Why Hebrew is Fundamental to Jewish Education: Linguistics and Longevity: The Interdependence of Language, Heritage, and Nationalism
             Alvin I. Schiff
III. Book Reviews
        Highlights on Informal Jewish Education Activities
             Frieda Hershman Huberman
        Jewish Education and Jewish Continuity: An Essay Book Review of Succeeding at Jewish Education: How One Synagogue Made it Work
             Isa Aron 
IV. Bernard Reisman: Mentor, Colleague, Friend
             Susan L. Shevitz
        Mentor, Colleague, Friend
             Gerald Showstack, Donald Feldstein, Steven Huberman, Emily Levy-Shochat, David Goldberg, Nicky 
             Goldman, Alan Teperow, Daniel J. Margolis
        A Reisman Sampler
             Gail Naron Chalew

New York Association for New Americans: Commemorating the 50th Anniversary
 Volume 75, Issue 1, Fall 1998
From the Editor
     Gail Naron Chalew
Letter from NYANA
     Mark Handelman
             Mark Hendelman
             Gary Rubin
        The Jewish Dimension of Refugee Settlement: Welcoming and Integrating the Stranger
             Gloria S. Blumenthal
             Fred Berl
            William Karp
II. Fifty Years of Services To New Americans
             Joshua Friedland
             Misha Galperin and Caroline Katz
             Sandra Lief Garrett and Ellen Witman
             Patricia Sara Padva
             Gloria Zicht
             Arie Bierman and Valerie Oltarsh
             Anna Halberstadt
 III. Letters of Congratulations

The Evolving Israel- Diaspora Relationships: New Approaches to Jewish Education and Jewish Continuity: New Fund-Raising Paradigms
Volume 74, Issue 4, Summer 1998
From the Editor
     Gail Naron Chalew 
I. The Evolving Israel- Diaspora Relationship
             Allon Gal
        Fund Raising for Twenty First Century Israel
             Melvyn H. Bloom
             Alvin I. Schiff
             Judith Stern Peck and Naomi Patz
II. New Approaches to Jewish Education and Jewish Continuity
             Leora W. Isaacs and Devorah A. Silverman
             Sally G. Klein-Katz
             Dr. Miriam Klein Shapiro, Rabbi Neal Kaunfer, and Fayge Safran
             Maxine Epstein
III. New Fund-Raising Paradigms
             Raquel H. Newman
             Sylvia M. Neil 
IV. Other Issues of Concern
             Alan Teperow
             Joan Schoenfeld
             Avi Benlolo
             Sandra Black
             Daniel Wartenberg, Roberta Beer Friend, Robert Zielony, Michaels Dobbs, and Simha Rosenberg
         The JCC Teen Worker: A Model for Professional Practice
              Jay Sweifach
             Mitchell S. Parker
             Sydney Fleischer, Earl M. Ferguson, and Joan A. Rogers
V. Letter to the Editor
          Sid Levine

World Council of Jewish Communal Service Quadrennial
Volume 74, Issue 2-3, Winter/ Spring 1997/98

I. Introduction
        From the Guest Editor
             Ferne Katleman and Theordore Comet
        WCJCS: Its Goals and Mission
             Stephen D. Solender and Zvi Feine
        1998 WCJCS Quadrennial: A Unique Gathering
             Howard Charish
II. Rebuilding Jewish Peoplhood
         Steven Bayme
III. Rethinking Israel/ Diaspora Relations
        View from Israel: Rethinking Israel/ Diaspora Relations: A Search for New Relationship
             Steven M. Cohen and Charles Liebman
        View from North AmericaJewish Renaissance: Toward a New Relationship Between the America Jewish  Community and Israel
             Barry Shrage
        View from England: The Attachment of European Jews to Israel: The British Experience
             Barry Kosmin, Antony Lerman, and Jacqueline Goldberg
IV. World Jewish Demography: An Overview
       Sergio DellaPergola
V. Jewish Communal Structures Around the World
       Daniel J. Elazar
VI. Issues, Challenges, And Priorities Facing Communities and Jewish Communal Professionals
        Israel: Issues, Challenges, and Priorities Facing Communities and Jewish Communal Professionals: An Israeli Perspective 
             Stephen G. Donshik
        North America: The Structure and Leadership Role of the North American Jewish Community
             Bernard Reisman
        Europe: European Jewish Community
             Ruth Zilkha
        Former Soviet Union: Rebuilding Jewish Life in the Former Soviet Union (FSU): A Communal and Professional Challenge
             Alan Cohen
        Latin America: Latin American Jewish Communities: Old and New Challenges
             Enrique Burbinski, Jorge Schulman, and Schmuel Szteinhandler
        AustraliaIssues, Challenges, And Priorities Facing the Australian Jewish Community and Its Jewish Community Professionals
             Ken Lander
        South Africa: Issues Facing the South African Jewish Community: The Challenge to Jewish Professionals
             Seymour Kopelowitz
VII. Women in Jewish Communal Service: Can the Goal of Increasing Women in Leadership Roles Become a Reality?
           Audrey S. Weiner and Daniel Wartenberg 

Reengineering Revisited
Volume 74, Issue 1, Fall 1997

From the Editor
     Gail Naron Chalew
I. Forum: Reengineering Revisited
Can the Jewish Community be Reengineered?
     Steven Schauder
Knowledge Management and Jewish Communal Agencies
     Mark Handelman
The Approaching Millennium: Challenge and Opportunity
     Alfred P. Miller
Reorganizing a Jewish Community: A Local Community’s Experience at Functionalization
     Yosef Y. Muskin
The Transformational Leadership of Senior Managerial Staff of Jewish Family Service Agencies
     Sydney Fleischer
“Even My Eight Year Old Can Do It!” Issues and Opportunities on the Internet for Jewish Communal Professionals and Agencies- From Surfing the Net to Creating Your Agency’s Own Web Site
     Leonard Robert Tabak
Jewish Chaplaincy: Into the 21st Century
     Rabbi Robert Tabak
Adolescents and Jewish Continuity through the Lens of Life-Span Developmental Theory
     Aviva R. G. Bock
Holy Spaces: The Use of Sacred Text in Clinical Social Work
     Dana Rawitch
Images of the Inner Healer in Judaic Thought
     Robin B. Zeiger
Liberal Individualism and Communitarian: Whither the Future of Jewish Life?
     Norman Linzer
What does the Concept of Self-Help Mean to the Israeli population?
     Adital Ben-Ari
Marital Status, Social Network, Sense of Belonging to the Community, and the Feeling of Well Being Among Single-Parent Immigrant Families
     Haya Itrzhaky

Volume 73, Issue 4, Summer 1997
From the Editor
     Jeffrey Dekro and Lawrence Bush
     Martin L. Birnbaum and Bessie Pine
     S. Morton Altman
     Jack Boeko 
     Rabbi Elliot B. Gertel
     Joel Streiker
     Moshe A. Bleich
     Dee Noonberg
     David B. Finell 
     Theodore Comet

Jewish Family Service: Looking Back, Moving Forward
 Volume 73, Issue 2-3, Winter/ Spring 1996/97
From the Editor
     Gail Naron Chalew
     Sherry Rosen and Lucy Y. Steinitz
             Sherry Rosen
        The Jewish Family: An Institution in Transition
             Rela Mintz Geffen
        Restructuring Jewish Organizations and Rebuilding Jewish Community
             Gary A. Tobin
        Guiding Our Mission Through Change: One Agency’s Story
             Anita Friedman with David Hyman
II. From the Trenches 
             Betty Dayron 
             Mara Muzikansky
             Judy Freundlich Tiell
             Pinchas C. Berger
             Margaret Weiner
        Older Adult Services: Adaptation and Innovation
             Harry Citron and Janet Kurland
             Lynn Moriarty
             Steve M. Soloman, with Rachel Howard, Lenny Lazarus, and Webb F. Spraetz
             David Hirsch and Rabbi Simkha Y. Weintraub
III. The Balancing Act
             Lucy Y. Steinitz
             Alan D. Goodman
             Norman Linzer
              Ivan M. Katz
IV. Reaching Beyond Ourselves
             Alan B. Siskind
             Charles Zibbell
             Sally Weber
             Neil P. Newstein and Jenni Frumer
             Ronald H. Field
V. Endnotes
             Bert J. Goldberg

Reengineering the Jewish Community
 Volume 73, Issue 1, Fall 1996
From the Editor
     Gail Naron Chalew 
I. Forum: Reengineering the Jewish Community
             Steven M. Cohen, Ph. D
        Professional Leaders Respond
             Stephen D. Solender
             Audrey S. Weiner, D.S.W
             Allan G. Reitzes, D.S.W
     Phil Zuckerman, P.h.D
     Marcia I. Bronstein
     Daniel Rothblatt and Russell Robinson
     Michael J. Austin, Ph. D
     Eyal Dabush
     Ram A. Cnaan, Ph. D., Toni A. Cascio, and Edward Newman, Ph. D
     Steven Schauder
     Sylvia F. Abrams, Ph. D, Sally G Klein-Katz, M.A.R.E., and Lifsa Schachter, D.H.L
II. Book Reviews: Edited by Rabbi David D. Kerbel
        It All Begins with a Date: Jewish Concerns about Intermarriage
             Alan Silverstein
        Preserving Jewishness in Your Family: After Intermarriage Has Occurred
             Alan Silverstein
        Life of the Frontier: the Jews of Alaska
             Bernard Reisman and Joel I. Resiman 

 Special Issue on New Americans
Volume 72, Issue 4, Summer 1996
From the Editor
     Gail Naron Chalew 
     Misha Galperin
     Lawrence H. Fuchs 
I. Today’s Immigrants
             Nachman Sharon
             Anna Halberstadt and Adele Nikolsky
             Gloria Zicht
II. Economic and Employment Issues
             Madeleine Tress
             Kathryn E.H Race, Blasé E. Masini, and Susan Sheffey
        Overcoming the Cash Economy: Strategies for Resettlement and Vocational Professionals
             Erik S. Herron
III. Family and Social Service Issues
             Anna Halberstadt
             Miriam Yaglom
             Adele Nikolsky
             Linda F. Solomon
             Irene Marocco
             Sonia Bychkov Green and Ida Bychko
             Arthur J. Frankel and Esther East
IV. Acculturation and Jewish Identity
             Anita Friedman
             Patricia C. Beeker and Judah Isaacs
             Wallace Greene
V. Book Reviews
Immigration, Acculturation, Integration, and Other Questions: A Review of the Recent Literature on Soviet Jews in the United States
     Madelein Tress and Steven J. Gold

Volume 72, Issue 3, Spring 1996
From the Editor
     Gail Naron Chalew 
The End of Community 
     David M. Dunkelman
     Steven Joel Trachtenberg
     Norman Linzer
     William Berkson
     Rabbi Jeffrey Schein and Susan Wyner
     Bernard Rosner
     Raviv Schwartz
     Sheldon R. Gelman, Ph D, Margaret Gibelman, Daniel Pollack, and David Schnell
     Robert J. Yaffe
     Jay Sweifach
     David Passig
     Toni Cascio

Commemorating the Federation Movement 1895-1995
Volume 72, Issue 1-2, Fall/Winter 1995/1996
From the Editor
     Gail Naron Chalew
From the President
     Bert J. Goldberg 
I. Historical Overview
             Donald Feldstein
II. Mission, Responsibilities and Governance
             Gary A. Tobin
              John S. Ruskay
              Miriam A. Schneirov and Stephen D. Solender 
III. A View From the Local Federations
             Wayne L. Feinstein
             Cindy Chazan
             Sandi Goldstein
             Marilyn Forman Chandler
             Steven M. Drysdale
IV. Agencies and the Federation: A Symbiotic Relationship
             Jeffrey R. Solomon
             Allan B. Finkelstein
             Lucy Y. Steinitz
             Rabbi David Shluker
             Alfred P. Miller
             Herbert Shore
V. The Federation and the Profession of Jewish Communal Service
             Ellen Deutsch
             Gerald B. Bubis and Bernard M. Resiman
              Joel Ollander
              Max L. Kleinman
VI. Future Trends and Issues
             Martin S. Kraar

In Search of Common Ground: Jewish Community Relations in the Mid 1990’s
Volume 71, Issue 4, Summer 1995

I. Forum: In Search of common Ground: Jewish Community Relations in the Mid-1990s
             Laurence A. Kotler-Berkowtiz
             Martin Hochbaum and Mark J. Pelavin
             Saul Rosenthal
             Robin Alana Engel
             Israel Kim
     Anita Friedman
     Jeffrey R. Solomon
     Steven Schauder
     David J. Schnall
     Mel Mogulof
     Rachel Filinson
     David Guttmann

Women and the Executive Suite
 Volume 71, Issue 2-3, Winter/Spring 1995
I. Forum on Women
             Audrey S. Weiner
             Gerald H. Silverstein and Rachel E. Tannenbaum
             David E. Edell
             Iris-Cohen Kaner
             Judy Stern Peck
             Wendy Wolfe Fine
             Yosepha Steiner
             Marlena Schmool
     Ephraim Tabory
     Bruce A. Phillips and Mitra Kahrizi
The Jewish Community: A Partnership or a Corporation?
     Gerald A Teller
     Gerald L. Showstack
Geographic Variation in Participation in Israel Experience Youth Programs: The CRB Foundations Geo-Coded Survey
     Steven M. Cohen
     Uzi Rebhum
     Rae W. Rohfeld and Lois J. Zachary
     Gerald B. Bubis
     Ruben Schindler
Responses to the Fall, 1994 Forum, “The Deprofessionalization of Jewish Communal Service”
     Maxyne Finkelstein
     David A. Teutsch
     Alan D. Kandel

The Deprofessionalization of Jewish Communal Services
 Volume 71, Issue 1, Fall 1994
I. The Deprofessionalization of Jewish Communal Service
             Gerald B. Bubis
             Ronald I. Coun
             Leonard Freedman
             Bert J. Goldberg
             Mark Handelman
             Jeffrey R. Solomon
     David Arnow
     David M. Dunkelman
     Wayne L. Feinstein
     Steven F. Windmueller
     Jeffrey Korbman
     Ellen Fishman
     Mark I. Sirkin
     Donald A. Scharf
     Anna Halberstadt
II. Departments
        In My Opinion: The Economy of the Twenty-First Century: Preparing for a Changing World
             Alfred P Miller
             Rabbi Paul D. Kerbel
        Ninety-Sixth Annual Conference of the Jewish Communal Service Association

 The Evolving Agency- Federation Relationship in An Era of Scarce Resources
 Volume 70, Issue 4, Summer 1994
I. Forum: The Evolving Agency-Federation Relationships in an Era of Scarce Resources
             David Dubin
             David S. Shtulman, Samuel A Friede, and Jim Denova
             Harry Nadler, Ira Jaffee, Barbara F. Herman
             Barbara F. Herman, Harry Nadler, Ira Jaffee, Lori Moss
             Gail Abramson
     Ralph M. Kramer
     Steven B. Nasatir
     Mark I. Sirkin
     Linda Pattashnick Klonsky, Miriam Prum-Hess, and Rabbi Ellen Bernhardt
     Martin B. Millison
     Cecile B. Jordan 
II. In My Opinion
            Donald Feldstein

The Jewish Family in Stress: Divorce in the Jewish Community
Volume 70, Issue 2-3, Winter/Spring 1994 

     Judith S. Wallerstein
     Bernard Reisman
     Lucy Steinitz
     Steven Bayne
     Ariela Keysar
     Nathalie Friedman
     Irving A. Breitowitz
     Phyllis Hulewat and Marcia W. Levine
     Joan B. Kristall and Geoffrey L. Grief
     Orna Cohen and M. Lowenberg
     Ellen Shapira and Judy Freundlich
     Barbara Korin, Paula Silver, and Helaine Strauss
     Stacy Miller
     Sherry H. Blumberg
     Ann Hartman, Sally Weber, and Rabbi Stewart Vogel
     Marlene Cohen and Barry A. Kosmin
     Sylvia Weishaus, Albert Marston, and Bi-Ling Shieh
     Rabbi Allen S. Maller
I. Book Reviews
     Jewish Divorcee by Rabbi Reuven Bulka
          Rev. by Abraham Rzepkowicz

Providing AIDS Services in a Jewish Context
Volume 70, Issue 1, Fall 1993
     Alfred P. Miller
     Lucy Y. Steinitz and Arthur Weidman
     Jody Opper Reiss
     Neil B. Guterman
     Shari L. Brotman and Mark J. Yaffe
     Miriam O. Smith and Melvin Moschel
     Rabbi Jacob I. Halpern and Rabbi Mark H. Levine
     Gloria Zicht
      Alex Kozulin and Alex Venger
      Jeffrey R. Solomon, Alfred P. Miller, Neal Myerberg
     Ron Shor
I. In My Opinion:
Jack Boeko
II. Book Reviews
     Adult Education Trips to Israel by Bernard Reisman
            Rev. by Leora W. Isaacs
     Tzedakah: Can Jewish Philanthropy Buy Jewish Survival? By Jacob Neusner
            Rev. by Frank M. Lowenberg
III. Ninety-Fifth Annual Conference of the Jewish Communal Service Association

American Jews and Israel: A Multidimensional Relationship
Volume 69, Issue 4, Summer 1993
I. Forum: American Jews and Israel: A Multidimensional Relationship
             David J. Schnall
             Rabbi Jacob I. Halpern
             Paul Liptz
     Alan S. York
     Nathan Kolodney
     Ram A. Cnaan
     Simha R. Rosenberg and Alisa Trugerman
     H. Jack Mayer
     Norman Linzer 
II. In My Opinion:
             Gerald B. Bubis

The Jewish Image in Popular Culture
Volume 69, Issue 2-3 Winter/Spring 1993

     Riv Ellen Prell
     Jonathan Pearl and Judith Pearl
     Bernard Lazerwitz and Ephraim Tabory
     Daniel J. Elazar
     Ivan C. Schonfeld
     Deborah Kaplan Polivy
     Anita Friedman
     J. Alan Winter
     David A. Gee and Alan Weinstein
     Arleene Kahn and Arthur Frankel
     Aaron Rabinowitz
     Gloria Zicht
     Terry L. Applebaum and Patricia Vile
I. Book Reviews:
        A Private Foundation Working in Israel: The Doron Foundation for Education and Welfare, by Eliezer D. Jaffe
             Rev. by Harris Chaiklin

Volme 69, Issue 1

Seizing the Challenge of the 1990 National Jewish Population Survey: Policy and Planning Implications for Jewish Communal Service
Volume 68, Issue 4, Summer 1992
I. The Research Findings
             Barry A. Kosmin
             Fred Massarik
             J. Alan Winter
             Bethamie Horowitz and Jeffrey R. Solomon 
II. Jewish Continuity- Will Our Grandchildren be Jewish?
             Barry Shrage
             Rabbi Lavey Derby
             Steven Bayme
             Rabbi Joy D. Levitt
             Elliot Gershenson 
III. Policy and Planning Implications
             Bernard Reisman
             David Dubin
             Ephrain H. Royfe
             Bert J. Goldberg
             Lawrence Sternberg

Multiculturalism- The New “Buzzword”
Volume 68, Issue 3, Spring 1992
I. Forum: Multiculturalism—The New “Buzzword”
             Gary E. Rubin
             David Gad-Harf and Miriam Schey Imerman
             Steven F. Windmueller
             Rabbi Douglas Kahn
             Norman Olshansky
     Rabbi David Shluker
     Jim Torczyner
     Rosa M. Garrett and Martin Sundel
     Ephraim Tabory
     Mira Rosenthal and Charles Auerbach
II. In My Opinion:
             Robert Hyfler

Family Violence Is a Jewish Issue
Volume 68, Issue 2, Winter 1991-92
I. Forum: Family Violence Is a Jewish Issue
        Jewish Domestic Abuse: Realities and Responses
             Lynn Jacobs and Sherry Berliner Dimarsky
             Sandra Jaffa
             Maxine Lithwick
             Lillian Stern
     David P. Kleinman
     Rela Geffen Monson and Ruth Pinkenson Feldman
      Ira Rosenwaike
      Madeleine Tress
      David S. Ribner
      Norman Linzer

Increasing Volunteering Within the Jewish Community
Volume 68, Issue 1, Fall 1991
     Gabriel Berger
     J. Alan Winter
     Rachel Eisenberg, Selma Gwatkin, and Elizabeth Tracy
     Richard E. Isralowitz and Yehuda Gradus
     Ruben Schindler
     Ann D. Smith and Rabbi James R. Michaels
     Sheryl Cooper
     Isaac Lakritz
I. In My Opinion:
             Gerald A. Kleinman 
II. Case Study:
             Harry Citron and Janet B. Kurland 
III. Book Reviews: 
Distant Partners: Community Change through Project Renewal
             By Ben W. Lappin and Morton I. Teicher
        Managing the Non-Profit Organizations
             By Peter F. Drucker
        Teenagers and Parents: Ten Steps for a Better Relationship
             By Roger McIntire and Carol McIntire
        Comments on Unequal by Chance
             By Eliezer Jaffe
        Healing the Heart: A Therapeutic Approach to Disturbed Children in Group Care
             By Alvin Rosenfeld and Saul Wasserman
Ninety Third Annual Meeting of the Conference of Jewish Communal Service

Special Issue: Jewish Education and Identity
Volume 67, Issue 4, Summer 1991
I. Forum: The Promise of Jewish Family Education
             Alvin I. Schiff
             Joseph Reimer
             Susan L. Shevitz and Joan S Kaye
             Sydney E. Bernard
     Barry Chazan
     Joan N. Burstyn
     David I. Raphael and Ram A. Cnaan
     Gerald B. Bubis, Holly Hollander, Deborah Burg-Schnirman, and Esti Li Dar
     Lois J. Zachary     
     Arnold Zar-Kessler

Direction of Jewish Public Policy in the 1990s
Volume 67, Issue 3, Spring 1991
I. Forum: The Jewish Agenda and Public Policy: Directions for the 1990’s
             Albert D. Chernin
             Murray Friedman
             Earl J. Raab
     Marshall S. Levin and William S. Bernstein
     Louis J. Zachary, Ed. D, Neal Bellos, Barry Silverberg
     Rita J. Simon and Howard Altstein
     Gail J. Lipsitz, Lucy Y. Steinitz, Myra L. Hettleman, and Irene Jordan
     Lucy Y. Steinitz
     Sheldon M. Schreter
     Maxyne Finkelstein and Shlomo Shimon
     Roberta Rubin Greene, Hedy Dalin, and Grace Lebow
In Memoriam: Maurice Hexter


Special Issue: Soviet Jewish Settlement and Acculturation
Volume 67, Issue 2, Winter 1990
     Karl. D. Zukerman
     Herman Markowitz
     Mark Handelman and Alfred P. Miller
     Rabbi Arthur Vernon
     Norman Linzer
     Irene Belozersky
     Ann H. Kahan
     Patricia Vile 
I. Case Study:
             Joanne Kestnbaum and Ida Bychkov 
II. Book Reviews: Edited by Leivy Smolar
        Deceptive Images: Toward a Redefinition of American Judaism
             Charles S. Liebman
        Unequal by Chance
             Eliezer D. Jaffe
        The Gospels and Rabbinic Judaism
             Michael Hilton and Gordian Marshall
        Holocaust: Religious and Philosophical Implications
             John K. Roth and Michael Berenbaum
III. In Memoriam
        In Memoriam
             John Slawson
        In Memoriam
             Charles Miller

Examining Contemporary Problems Through Jewish Sources
Volume 67, Issue 1, Fall 1990
I. Forum: Examining Contemporary Problems Through Jewish Sources
             Bernard Ducoff
        Lessons from the Life of Moses: Part I
             H. Chaim Lauer
             David Eskenazi 
     Gerald A. Teller
     Gerald A. Teller
      David Dubin 
Concerns of Jewish Youth
     Marilyn Goldman Haas and Betty J. Newlon
     Bette Sherriff and Phyllis Hulewat
     Bert J. Goldberg and David B. Saltman
     Gerald L. Showstack 
II. Case Study
             Martin Sundel, Phyllis Newman 
III. In My Opinion:
             Reuven Kimelman 
V.  Letters to the Editor
VI. Book Reviews Edited by Lievy Smolar
        My Seventy Two Friends, Encounters with Refuseniks in the USSR
             Dov Peretz Elkins
             Rev. by Thomas N. Sudow
        Uneasy Endings, Daily Life in an American Nursing Home
             Renee Rose Shield
             Rev. by Herbert Shore
        Using Manpower Training Programs in the Vocational Rehabilitation of the Mentally Restored
             Edited by Bertram J. Black
             Rev by Marlene Oidick 
        One Girl in Ten
             Sallie Foster
             Rev. by Michele Siegel

Papers from the Seventh World Conference of Jewish Communal Service: Jerusalem, Israel, July 2-7, 1989
Volume 66, Issue 4, Summer 1990
     Theodore Comet
     Daniel J. Elazar
     Lawrence Sternberg
     Gerald H. Bubis
     Eliezar D. Jaffe
     Tovah Lichtenstein
     Uri Yanay
     Edward Kagan
     Joel M. Carp
     Steven Huberman
     Shirley Raphael Imber
     Louis J. Novick
     Louise Cohen-Silver and Barbara Gottschalk
Program Highlights of the Seventh World Conference of Jewish Communal Service 

Communal Response to Intermarriage in the 1990’s and Beyond
Volume 66, Issue 3, Spring 1990
I. Forum: Should Outreach To the Intermarried Be on the Communal Agenda?
             Egon Mayer
             Barry Kosmin
             Steven Bayne
             Rabbi Ronald D. Price
     Robert M. Setlzer
     Rabbi Michael Wasserman
     Esther Perel
     Judy Petsonk
     Frayda Rembaum
     Melvin Mogulof
     Joel Crohn
     Lydia K. Kukoff
II. Case Study:
             Saundra Heller
III. In My Opinion:
        Time for Realism
              David Belin

Strengthening the Lay-Professional Relationship
Volume 66, Issue 2, Winter 1989
I. Forum: Strengthening the Lay Professional Relationship
             Lester I. Kaplan
             Esther Leah Ritz
     Shoshana S. Cardin
     Wayne L. Feinstein
     Gayle Zahler
     J. Alan Winter
     David Dunkelman
     Penina Frankel
     Jack Boeko
Philip Soskis, 1910-1989 
II. Case Study
             Jordan Harburger
III. In My Opinion
             Daniel Thursz
IV. Book Reviews: Edited by Leivy Smolar
        You’re Our Child- The Adoption Experience ED.
             By Jerome Smith and Franklin I. Miroff
             REV by Seymour S. Cohen
        Saving the Jewish Family: Myths and Realities in the Diaspora, Strategies for the Future, An Analysis and Cumulative      
             ED. By Gerald B. Bubis
             REV by Jonathan S. Woocher
        Journal of Social Work and Policy in Israel: Theory, Research and Practice, Volume 
             Rev by Paul H. Ephross
        Avraham Tamir: A Soldier in Search of Piece: An Inside Look at Israel’s Strategy
             Rev. by Robert O. Freedman

Judaism as a Political System
Volume 66, Issue 1, Fall 1989
Toward a Theory of Judaism as a Political System
     Steven F. Windmueller
The Dyanmics of Israel in American Jewish Life: An Analysis of Educational Means as “Cultural Texts”
     David Breakstone
     Nancy Livingstone
Some Basic Trends in Intermarriage: The Case from the Boston Data
     Mordechai Rimor
Involvement in Jewish Organizations: Shifting the Debate Among Policymakers
     Gabriel Berger and Gary A Tobin
A Cult Hotline and Clinic
     Arnold Markowitz
Lay-Professional Relations in Jewish Communal Institutions
     Gerald L. Showstack
Hillel and the Communal Agenda: Time for Re-Evaluation
     Hilton Immerman
The Challenge of Supervisory Management in Jewish Federations
     Michael J. Austin
Youth Programs in Israel: What the Findings Mean
     Perry London and Alissa Hirshfeld
Religious and Cultural Change: A Case Study of an Ethiopian Jewish Priest
     Baruch Greenwald
Irving Greenberg, 1912-1989
     David Zeff
I. Letter to the Editor
      Ron Shouval
II. Fact and Opinion
      Samuel Spiegler
III.From Other Journals
      Edited by Ernest M. Kahn
Ninety-First Annual Meeting of the Conference of Jewish Communal Service

American Jews: Their Ideology
Volume 65, Issue 4, Summer 1989
The Ideology of Post-Modern American Jews: An Essay Review of Leonard Fein’s Where Are We? The Inner Life of American Jews
     Bernard Reisman
     Steven Bayme
Communal Considerations in Jewish Education
     David Dubin
Policy Formation and Policy Implementation: A Congregational Enrichment Fund
     Sylvia F. Abrams
Jewish Communal Autonomy in Poland: Lodz, 1914-1939
     Robert M. Shapiro
Surviving the Loss of a Spouse
     Anne Brener
Strengthening Local Communities in Israel: A New Approach to the Recruitment and Utilization of Volunteers
     Nachman Sharon and Yitzhak Cohen
Intracommunal Conflict in a Residential Camp for Jewish Older Adults
     Peter Malinow
Serving the Chronically Mentally Ill: Building Community and Links to Jewish Life
     Joel M. Carp
Marginal No More: Jewish and Single in the 1980’s
     Sylvia Barack Fishman
I. Book Reviews: Edited by Leivy Smolar
        Battered Jewish Wives: Case Studies in the Response to the Rage 
             By Mimi Scarf; REV. by Harris Chaiklin
        American Assimilation or Jewish Revival?
             By Stephen Cohen; REV by Joel Daner 

Identifying the Beneficiaries of Jewish Philanthropy
Volume 65, Issue 3, Spring 1989
The Changing Client System in Jewish Philanthropy
     Donald Feldstein
Ethical Decision Making: Implications for Practice
     Norman Linzer
The Costs of Religious Disunity
     Steven Huberman
Takings Risks for Jewish Unity
     Reuven Kimelman
AIDS: Issues for the Jewish Community Relations Field
     Jerome A. Chanes
The Economy and Jobs
     Ephraim H. Royfe
A Jewish View of the “Living Will”
     Rabbi George Pollak
Creating Equity Through a Reward System for Jewish Communal Workers
     Bruce D. Friedman
Oral History and Record-Keeping
     David Weiss
The Tomorrows of Jewish Education
     Dr. Alvin I. Schiff 
I. Book Reviews: Edited by Leivy Smolar
        Social Change and Social Work Practice
             By Fred Berl; Rev by Harris Chaiklin
        Sephardim in Twentieth Century America: In Search of Unity
             By Joseph M. Papo; Rev. by Arthur Lesley
        The Story of a Jewish Neigborhood
             By Eliezer D. Jeffe; Rev. by Irving Kessler
        For the Land and the Lord: Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel
             By Ian S. Lustick; Rev by Leivy Smolar
II. From Other Journals: 
Edited by Ernest M. Kahn 
III. Letters to the Editor
Solomon Brownstein 

Confronting Israeli Realities
Volume 65, Issue 2, Winter 1988
How Jewish Communal Workers Must Confront the Reality of Israel Today
     Daniel J. Elazar
The Feminization of Jewish Communal Service
     Rita F. Lowenthal and Bruce Phillips
On Being a Jewish Foundation
     Melvin B. Mogulof
Community Relations Council- Campus Cooperation: Mutual Barriers
     Rabbi Douglas Kahn
Issues in International Transfer in the Social Services: The Los Angeles- Jerusalem Cooperative Cities Program Experience
     Saul Andron and Yitzchak Berman
Developing Excellence: Education and Training Personnel for Federation Work
     Maz L. Kleinman, Ruth Greenfield and Daniel Ducoff
Citizen Participation in Israel: A Taste Oriented Framework for Interaction
     Gail K. Auslander
Recruitment: Who is Really in the Job Market?
     Abe Vinik
Toward the 21st Century: Transforming the Jewish Community Center
     Ronald L. Leibow and Avrum I. Cohen
Curriculum: Sharing the Responsibility for Jewish Educational Excellence
     Gavriel Goldman
I. Letters to the Editor
        William Avrunin, Florabel Kinsler, Mel Mogulof
II. Book Reviews
        And Hannah Wept: Infertility, Adoption, and the Jewish Couple.
             By Michael Gold; Rev. by Lucy Y. Steinitz
        Groups that Work: Structure and Process
             By Paul H. Ephross and Thomas V. Vassil. Rev. by Solomon H. Green
         The Meaning of Addiction
             By Stanton Peele; Rev by Lou Jacobs
         Against the Apocalypse: Responses to Catastrophe in Modern Jewish Culture
             By David G. Roskies; Rev by Rabbi Paul D. Kerbel
III. From Other Journals
        Edited by Ernest M. Kahn

Extending the Limits of Jewish-Christian Dialogue
 Volume 65, Issue 1, Fall 1988
The Shoah- Anti-Semitism and Christian-Jewish Relations
     Steven F. Windmueller
Religious Diversity and Jewish Identity- Fostering Cooperation Between Agencies and Congregations
     Gerald B. Bubis
The Jewish Community Center: Fulfilling Its Promise
     Solomon Greenfeld
The Future of Jewish Educational Effectiveness in the Jewish Community Center
     Richard J. Israel
     Sylvia Barack Fishman
     Saul F. Rosenthal and Elinor M. Greenberg
Self-Determination- A Jewish View
     Reuven Miller
AIDS: A Jewish Communal Challenge for the 90’s
     Jeffery R. Solomon
Chaplain to a Local Community
     Rabbi Melvin Jay Glatt
The American Immigrant’s Response to Ethiopian Jewish Newcomers to Israel
     Uri Jaffe
I. Fact and Opinion
        Samuel Spiegler
II. Book Reviews: Edited by Leivy Smolar
        Partners and Purse Strings: A History of the United Jewish Appeal
             By Ernest Stock; Rev by Ted. B. Farber
        The Orphaned Adult: Confronting the Death of a Parent 
             By Marc D. Angel, Rev by Bert J. Golberg
        Family Therapy; A Triadic Based Approach
             By Gerald H. Zuk, Rev by Bert J. Goldberg 
III. From Other Journals
        Edited by Ernest M. Kahn
IV. The Ninetieth Annual Meeting of the Conference of Jewish Communal Service

Looking Ahead: At Federation’s Tasks
Volume 64, Issue 4, Summer 1988
     Steven Huberman
     Wayne L Feinstein
     Rabbi Melvin Libman
     David Eskenazi
     Dr. Samuel Schafler
     Ester G. Smith and Rita J Simon
     Zev Hymowitz and Estelle Pleban
     Ram A. Cnaan 
I. Book Reviews: Edited by Leivy Smolar
        Ethics in Health Services Management
             By Kurt Dart; Rev. by B. Stanley Cohen
        Church State Relations in America
             By Gerard V. Bradley; Rev. by Barry Silverberg
        To Win or To Die; a Personal Portrait of Manachem Begin
             By Ted Temko; Rev by David Bedein
II.  From Other Journals
Edited by Ernest M. Kahn
III. Letters
IV. Index

Volume 64, Issue 3

Changing Federation Relationships With Israel
Volume 64, Issue 2, Winter 1987
     Bruce Phillips and Michael Zeldin
     Dr. Samuel Schafler
     Richard J. Israel
     Norman Linzer
     Charles Hoffman
     Mindy L. Gewirtz
     Hedy Peyser and Esta Jacobson
     Janet Kurland
     Anne K. Effron
     David Dubin 
I. Fact and Opinion: 
        Brandeis University: Is Trafe Treason?
             Samuel Spiegler
II. Book Reviews: Edited by Leivy Smolar
             By Graenum Berger; Rev. by Morton I. Teicher
        The Middle East: After the Invasion of Lebanon, Ed. 
             By Robert O. Freedman; Rev by Steven F Windmueller
        The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide
             By Robert Jay Lifton; Rev by Dr. Samuel Schafler
        Jewish Continuity and Change: Emerging Patterns in America
             By Calvin Goldscheider; Rev by Gary S. Schiff
        The Transformation of Jews
             By Calvin Goldscheider and Alan S. Zuckerman; Rev by Dr. Gary S. Schiff
        Sacred Survival
             By Jonathan S. Woocher; Rev Dr. Leivy Smolar
        Statement of Policy on the Use of Nonsexist Language in Publications of the Conference of Jewish Communal Service

Unity in Jewish Severalness
Volume 64, Issue 1, Fall 1987
Dedication of this Issue to Sidney Vincent
     Perry London and Naava Frank
     Gary S. Schiff
     David Dubin
     Steven Huberman
     Susan Horn
     Andrew Rose
     Zmira Laufer
     Rabbi Leo Davids
     Bruce I. Karp
     Arnold R. Saltzman 
I. Fact and Opinion: 
        Cutting Jewish Losses from Intermarriage
             Samuel Spiegler
II. Book Reviews: Edited by Leivy Smolar
        Yordim: Leaving the Promised Land for the Land of Promise
             By Micha Lev; Rev. by Rabbi Sidney Greenberg
        Jewish Values in Bioethics, Ed. 
             By Levi Meier; Rev by Joseph M. Buamgarten
        Caring for the Mentally Impaired Elderly
             By Flornece Safford and Henry Holt; Rev by Lenore Wasserman
        From Sicily to Elizabeth Street: Housing and Social Changes among Italian Immigrants, 1880-1930
             By Donna R. Gabaccia, Rev by L.S
        Family Connections: A History of Italian and Jewish Lives in Providence, Rhode Island, 1900-1940 
             By Judith E. Smith, Rev by L.S.
        Canarsie: The Jews and Indians of Brooklyn against Liberalism
             By Jonathan Rieder; Rev by L.S 
III. And From Other Journals
        Edited by Ernest M. Kahn 
IV. Letters to the Editor
        Rabbi Robert Layman; Bernard Reisman Exchange 
V. The Eighty-Ninth Annual Meeting of the Conference of Jewish Communal Service

An Ideology for American Jews
Volume 63, Issue 4, Summer 1987
     Bernard Reisman
     Melvin B. Mogulof
     Jeffrey Solomon
     Jacob Reingold, Audrey S. Weiner, and Rochel U. Berman
     Rela Geffen Monson
     Ruben Schindler
     Susan Behrend
     Joseph Katan and Yael Stein
I. Fact and Opinion
        New York Hebrew Schools Losing Pupils
             Samuel Spiegler 
II. Book Reviews: Edited by Leivy Smolar
        Why Me? Why Anyone? By Hirshel Jaffe, James Rudin, and Marcia Rudin
             Rev. by Paul D. Kerber
        Studies in Contemporary Jewry I, 1984, Ed. By Jonathan Frankel
             Rev by Irwin M. Blank
III. And From Other Journals
        Edited by Herbert Millman 
IV. Editor’s Memo
V. Letter to the Editor
        David S. Bedein

Fine Tuning- Relations With Boards
Volume 63, Issue 3, Spring 1987
     Gerald B. Bubis and Jack Dauber
Leadership in Judaic Sources- A Comparative View
     Alvin I. Schiff
The Changing Environment and Jewish Communal Services
     Arthur Blum and Arthur J. Naparstek
Fundraising-Professional Tasks for Social Workers
     William Bernstein
Feminism, Self Esteem, and Depression Among Jewish Women: An Empirical Study
     Jean E. Latting and Laura B. Wolf
A Jewish Educational Philosophy for Jewish Community Centers
     Barry Chazan
A Medical, Ethical, and Legal View of the Care of Individuals with Alzheimer’s disease
     Joshua T. Kreiser, Audrey S. Weiner, Lawrence A. Lerman, and Daniel Reingold
The Survival of the Fittest: The Case of Youth Aliyah
     Hillel Schmid
I. Letters to the Editor
        Alan D. Kandel, Morton Teicher, and David S. Bedein 
II. Fact and Opinion:
        A Jewish South Seas Saga
             Samuel Spiegler
III. Book Reviews: Edited by Leivy Smolar
        Love and Tradition: Marriage Between Jews and Christians, by Egon Mayer
             Rev by Andrew Baker
        Studies in Contemporary Jewry II, Ed. By Peter J. Medding
             Rev. by Alvin I. Schiff
        Enabling the Elderly: Religious Institutions within the Community Service System, By Sheldon S. Tobin
             Rev by Kerry M. Olitzky
        Social Work and Alzheimer’s Disease: Practical Issues with Victims and Their Families, by Rose Dobrof; 
             Rev by Herbert Shore
        My World as A Jew: The Memoirs of Israel Goldstein
             Rev. by Saumel I Cohen.

Myths and Facts for Campaigners and Planners
Volume 63, Issue 2, Winter 1986
     Donald Feldstein and Barry Shrage
     Norman Linzer
     Stephen G. Donshik
     Sol Koenigsberg
     Alan D. Bennett
     Solomon Schimmel
     George Korobkin
     Steven E. Gelfand
     Selma Sweetbaum
     Lucy Y. Steinitz
     Marianne L. Levey
     Audrey P. Harris
I. Fact and Opinion:
        Notes on Jewish Life Around the World
             Samuel Spiegler 
II. Book Reviews: Edited by Leivy Smolar
        Social Planning and Human Service Delivery in Voluntary Sector, Ed. By Gary A. Tobin
             Rev. by Donald Feldstein
        The Utopian Dilemma: American Judaism and Public Policy, by Murray Friedman
             Rev. by Lloyd Setleis
        Redemption Song: The Story of Operation Moses, by Lious Rapoport
             Rev by David S. Bedein
III. From Other Journals
         Edited by Herbert Millman

Bringing Clarity and Definition to the Federation Campaign
Volume 63, Issue 1, Fall 1986
     Bernard Olshansky and Wayne L. Feinstein
     Charles Miller
     Morris Stein
     Hyman Chanover
     Shimon Frost
     David Dubin
     Saul Andron
     Edward Prager
     Robin Astow
     Judith Lang 
I. Fact and Opinion:
        Jews--Religion or Race?--A Non-Issue?
             Samuel Spiegler 
II. Book Reviews: Edited by Leivy Smolar
        The Claim of Dispossession: Jewish Land Settlement and the Arabs, by Arieh L. Avneri
             Rev by Samuel I. Cohen
        The JCB of Chicago: Papers from the 90th Anniversary Child Welfare Conferencem David Fanshel
             Rev by Paul Gitelson
        Rehabilitation of the Elderly: A Tale of Two Hospitals, by Morris W. Stroud
             Rev. by Claudia Fogel
        The Circle of the Baal Shem Tov: Studies in Hasidism, Ed by Samuel H. Dresner
             Rev. by L.S.
III. The Eighty-eighth Annual Meeting of the Conference of Jewish Communal Service

An Aging Jewish Population
Volume 62, Issue 4, Summer 1986
     Ira Rosenwaike
     Gerald B. Bubis
     Bernard Warach
     Margaret Weiner
     Norman Linzer
     Rochel U. Berman, Audrey S. Weiner, Gella S. Fishman
     Jeffrey Aizenberg and Harry R. Rosen
     Barry Shrage and Stephen H. Hoffman
     George A. Korobkin
     Elliot B. Karp
     Eliezer Jaffe
I. Fact and Opinion:
        Are Jews a Race? U.S. Courts May Decide
             Samuel Spiegler
II. Correspondence from the Readers
III. Book Reviews
        Education in the Third Reich: Race and History in Nazi Textbooks, By Gilmer W. Blackburn
             Rev. by Alan J. Levine
        Child Welfare in Israel, by Eliezer D. Jaffe
             Rev. by Chana Greenberg

The Analysis of the 1982 Survey of the CJCS Membership
Volume 62, Issue 3, Spring 1986
     Steven Huberman
     Melvin Mogulof
     Gerald B. Bubis
     Nancy L. Jacobs
     Steven Windmueller
I. Fact and Opinion:
        Trivia Judaica
             Samuel Spiegler 
II. Book Reviews: Edited by Louis Levitt
        Losing Ground: American Social Policy, 1950-1980, by Charles Murray
             Rev. by Ernest M. Kahn
        A Certain People” American Jews and Their Lives Today, by Charles E. Silberman
             Rev by Morton I. Teicher
        Were We Our Brother’s Keepers? By Haskel Lookstein
             Rev by Donald Feldstein
        Didactic Rewriting, by Shlomo Haramati
             Rev by L.L
        Givers and Spenders: The Politics of Charity in Israel, by Eliezer Jaffe
             Rev by David S. Bedein
        Social Work in a Turbulent World, Seventh NASW Symposium; ed. By Miriam Dinerman
             Rev. by Mimi Abramowitz
        Social Work in the Emergency Room, by Carole W. Soskis
             Rev. by Dr. Abraham Lurie 
III. And From Other Journalists
        Edited by Herbert Millman

Today’s JCS Worker
Volume 62, Issue 2, Winter 1985
     Gerald B Bubis, Bruce A. Phillips, Steven A. Reitman, and Gary S. Rotto
Jewish Communal Service and the Professional- Today and Tomorrow
     William Kahn
The Role of the Jewish Community Center and Jewish Continuity
     Bernard T. Rosen
American Social Work Imperialism: Consequences for Professional Education in Israel
     Edward Prager
Trends in Jewish Demography and Their Effects on Campaign Planning
     Gary A Tobin
Developing a Children’s Service in an Israeli Community Health Center
     Sara Siegel
Jewish Family Life Education in the Synagogue
     Harlene W. Appelman
     Norman S. Finkel
Ethical and Moral Values in Homes for the Elderly
     Norman B. Gildin 
I. Fact and Opinion:
        Rumanian Jewry Dwindles
             Samuel Spiegler
II. Book Reviews: Edited by Louis Levitt
        An Outstretched Arm: A History of the Jewish Colonization Association, by Theodore Norman
             Rev by Ernest G. Budwig
        Institutional Care of the Mentally Impaired Elderly, by Jacqueline S. Edelson and Walter H. Lyons
             Rev. by Helen R. Hamlin
        The Israel-Arab Reader: A Documentary History of the Middle East Conflict, ed by Walter Lacquer and Barry Rubin
             Rev. by Steven Windmueller
        The Mental and Social Life of Babies, by Kenneth Kaye
             Rev by Ethelle Shatz
        Disabled We Stand, by Alan T. Sutherland
             Rev. by Jeffrey Solomon

The Aged in Jewish Tradition
Volume 62, Issue 1, Fall 1985
     Dr. Leivy Smolar
     Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky
     Howard Litwin
     Gerald B. Bubis
     Eliezer D. Jaffe
     S. Shalom Feinberg and Karyn G. Feinberg
     Eric M. Levine
     Samuel Lerner
     David Dubin
     Joan Ephross
I. Fact and Opinion:
Intra-Jewish Ecumenism--Pro and Con
             Samuel Spiegler
II. Book Reviews: Edited by Louis Levitt
        Essay Review by Nora Levin
        Accounting Genocide: National Responses and Jewish Victimization During the Holocaust, by Helen Fein and An   
             Interrupted Life: The Diaries of Etty Hillesum, 1941-1943, trans. By Arno Pomerans
        We Can Speak for Ourselves, by Paul Williams and Bonnie Shultz. 
             Rev. by Ethelle Shatz
        Daughters of the Covenant, by Edward Wagenknecht
             Rev. by Ellen Deutsch Quint
        Helping the Abuser: Intervening Effectively in Family Violence, by Nina Hamilton and John F. Else
             Rev. by Donald Feldstein
        Dori: The Life and Times of Theodore Herzl in Budapest, by Andrew Handler
             Rev. by Dr. Steven Windmueller
III. And from Other Journals
        Edited by Herbert Millman

Social Planning in Federations
Volume 61, Issue 4, Summer 1985
     Max L. Kleinman
     Bruce A. Phillips
     Dr. Alvin I. Schiff
     Ronald I. Coun
     William Kahn
     Deborah N. Silverstein
     Josef Korazim
     Shimshon Neikrug
I. Fact and Opinion: 
        The Dilemma of Jewish Education
             Samuel Speigler
II. In Memoriam: Emanuel Berlatsky
III. Letter from a Reader- Ephraim F. Goldstein:
        Authors Peyser and Hollander Respond
IV. Book Reviews: Edited by Louis Levitt
        Essay Review: To Dwell in Unity, by Phillip Bernstein
             Rev. by Sanford Solender
        How to Run a Traditional Jewish Household, by Blu Greenberg
             Rev by Jean Setleis and Lloyd Setleis
        At the Crossroads: Essays on Ahan Ha’am, by Jacques Kornberg
             Rev by Norman Tokayer
        Kinship and Consent-The Jewish Political Tradition and its Contemporary Uses, edited by Daniel J. Elazar
             Rev. by Max Kleinman
        Jewish Reference Sources by Charles Cutter and Micha F. Oppenheim
             Rev. by Israel D. Lerner
        Retirement Preparation: What Retirement Specialists Need to Know, edited by Helen Dennis
             Rev. by Celia B. Weisman
V. And from Other Journals
        Edited by Herbert Millman

The Elderly in Aliyah
Volume 61, Issue 3, Spring 1985
     Edward Prager
     Ruben Schindler
     Richard E. Isralowitz
     Dr. Uri Yanay
     Avi Dogin
     J. Alan Winter
     Richard C. Woolfson
I. Fact and Opinion
        Sioux City Jews, It Seems, Can Go Home Again
             Samuel Spiegler
II. Book Reviews: Edited by Louis Levitt
        The Social Transformation of American Medicine; by Paul Starr
             Rev by Cheryl Resnick
        From Both Sides Now. By Jay Shapiro
             Rev by David Bedein
        American Jews in Transition, by Chaim T. Waxman
             Rev. by Dr. Eli S. Levy
        Jewish and Female: Choices and Changes in Our Lives Today, by Susan Weidman Schneider
             Rev. by Carole Owens
        A Woman’s Way, by Flora Solomon with Barnett Litvinov
             Rev. by Anita Rotman 
III. And From Other Journals
        Edited by Herbert Millman

On Program Evaluation and Community Planning
Volume 61, Issue 2, Winter 1984
     Steven Huberman
     Saul Andron
     Saul Schwarz
     H. Chaim Lauer
     Jay Brodbar
     Herbert Bernstein
     Elaine K. Hollander and Hedy Peyser
     Paul Ellenbogen and Stephen Feinstein
     Lois Zyks
     Beverly C. Nackman
I. Fact and Opinion:
        Church-State Seperation--Is It Endangered?
             Steven Spiegler
II. Book Reviews: Edited by Louis Levitt
        Israel in the Mind of America, by Peter Frose
             Rev. by David S. Bedein
        Modern Judaism, a Journal
             Rev. by Norman Linzer
        America’s Hidden Success, by John E. Schwarz
            Rev. Ernest G. Budwig
        The Encyclopedia of Jewish Institutions in the U.S & Canada, ed. By Oded Rosen
             Rev. by David S. Bedein
        Briefly Noted: Hurray for Yiddish, by Leo Rosten
             Rev by.L.L
III. And From Other Journals
        Herbert Millman

Earl Raab on Jewish American Authenticity
Volume 61 Issue 1, Fall 1984
     Earl Raab
     Sanford Solender
     Rabbi Lawrence H. Rubinstein
     Gerald B. Bubis
     Herb Tobin
     M.C. Gettinger
     Mark Silverberg
     David Dubin
     Bruce I. Karp
     Lilly Singer 
I. Fact and Opinion:
        About Jews Around the World
             Steven Spiegler
II. And From Other Journals
        Edited by Herbert Millman
III. Book Reviews: Edited by Louis Levitt
        Soviet Jewry in the Decisive Decade, 1971-80, ed. By Robert O. Freedman
             Rev. by Julie Kalt Gale
        The Real Jewish World: A Rabbi’s Second Thoughts, by Stuart E. Rosenberg
             Rev. by Ben Mayer
        Governing Peoples and Territories; ed. By Daniel J. Elazar
             Rev. by Eli S. Levy
        Briefly Noted: Wit and Wisdom of Israel, ed. By Elliot Beier
             Rev. by Ben Mayer
IV. The Eighty Sixth Annual Meeting of the Conference of Jewish Communal Service

Federations: Assessing their Planning; Ethical Practice; Venturing in "Marketing" and Into Big Business
Volume 60, Issue 4, Summer 1984
     Gary A. Tobin
     Sanford Solender
     Steven E. Gelfand
     Deborah Kaplan Polivy
     Pearl B. Cohen
     Steven Huberman
     Herbert H. Friedman
     Lucy Y. Steinitz
     Gerald B. Bubis
     Ruben Schindler 
I. Fact and Opinion
Jews Around the World
             Samuel Spiegler
II. Book Reviews: Edited by Louis Levitt
        The Oil Follies of 1970-80: How The Petroleum Industry Stole the Show (And Much More Besides), by Robert Sherill; Fiasco, by Jack Anderson with James Boyd
             Rev. by Jerome A. Chaners
        Guide to Ethical Decisions and Actions for Social Service Administrators- A Handbook for Managerial Personnel, by Charles S. Levy
             Rev. by David Weiss
        American Modernity and Jewish Identity, by Steven M. Cohen
             Rev. by Donald Feldstein
        Dealing in Futures, by Max F. Baer
             Rev by Darrell D. Friedman
        Managing the Drugs in Your Life- A Personal and Family Guide the Responsible Use of Drugs, Alcohol, and Medicine, by Stephen J. Levy
             Rev by Robert Salmon
        The New Partnership: Human Services, Business, and Industry, by Barabara B. Feinstein and Edwin Garth Brown
             Rev by Lester I. Kaplan
        Galveston: Ellis Island of the West, by Bernard Marinbach
             Rev by Mark Handelman 
III. And From Other Journals
        Edited by Herbert Millman

Studies of the Jewish Family
Volume 60, Issue 3, Spring 1984
     Yehuda Rosenman
     Alvin I. Schiff
     Ruth A. Brandwein
     Jeffrey Becker Schwamm
     Herman Markowitz
     Clifford J. Sager
I. Brief Communications
        The Varied Skills Required of the Federation Professional
             William Kahn
        A Note of Transference as a Religious Phenomenon
             Moshe Halevi Spero
        Keeping Pace in Career Services- Pre Retirement Planning
             Barbara S. Rosenbaum and Janice Berg
        Anti-Semitism in Historical Perspective
             Dr. Samuel Schafler
        Beer-Sheva, Capital of the Negev: A Profile of Social Welfare Problems
             Richard E. Osralowitz 
II. Fact and Opinion
More Than 100 Women Rabbis
             Samuel Spiegler
III. Book Reviews: Edited by Louis Levitt
        America and the Survivors of the Holocaust by Leonard Dinnerstein
             Rev. by Max L. Kleinman
        Jews in the Protestant Establishment, by Richard L. Zweigenhaft and G. William Domhoff
             Rev by Earl Raab
        Ethical Decisions for Social Work Practice, by Frank Lowenberg and Ralph Dolgoff
             Rev. by Solomon H. Green 
        Helping People to Help Themselves: Self-Help and Prevention, ed. By Leonard D. Borman, et al
             Rev Barry Silverberg
        Journal of Psychosocial Oncology, ed. By Grace H. Christ
             Rev. by Abraham Lurie

The Communal Planner
Volume 60, Issue 2, Winter 1983
     Sanford Solender
     Michael A. Papo
     Louis Levitt
     Norman Linzer and Efrem Nulman
     Barbara Breitman
     Judith Lang
A Further Exchange between Charles Miller and Bernard Reisman
     From Charles Miller to Bernard Reisman
The Soviet Immigrant Client: Speaking Immigrants to Israel
     Michael Roskin and Jeffrey L. Edleson
     Judy Freundlich Tiell 
I. Fact and Opinion
        Preserved from the Holocaust
             Samuel Spiegler
II. Letters from Mark Joel Finer, Marie-Jeanne Lambert and Judith Glass, Gerald Bubis
III. Book Reviews: Edited by Walter A. Lurie
        Understanding American Jewry, ed. By Marshall Sklare
             Rev. by Bruce A. Phillips
        Ethnicity and Family Therapy, ed. By Monica McGoldrick, John K. Pierce and Joseph Giordano
             Rev. by Efrem Nulman
        In the Service of My People, by Boris Smolar
             Rev. by Morton Yarmon
        Life Education in the Workplace: How to Design, Lead and Market Employee Seminars, by Kathryn Apgar et al
             Rev. by Ronald I. Coun

Reports from the Annual Meeting Membership Resolutions
Volume 60, Issue 1, Fall 1983
     Ted Kanner
     David Dubin
     Irving Brodsky and Lester Pollack
Jewish Identity and Agency Function
     Charles Miller
Comment on “Jewish Identity and Agency Function”
     Bernard Reisman
     Naomi Abramowitz
     Judith Duhl
     Donna Gold Rothstein
     Ronald I. Coun
     Rita J. Simon and Melanie Brooks
     Maria Coughlin and Regina Rosenberg
     Randy Robinson 
I. Fact and Opinion
        Adam's Rib: Feminists, Rejoice        
             Samuel Spiegler
II. Letters from Readers
         Judith Glass and Marie- Jeanne Lambert
III. Book Reviews: Edited by Walter A. Lurie
        The Real Anti-Semitism in America, by Nathan and Ruth Ann Perlmutter
             Rev. by Harry Fleischman
        Practice Issues in Social Welfare Administration, Policy and Planning, ed by Milton M. Leibowitz
             Rev. by Ferne Katleman
        History of the United Jewish Appeal 1939-1982, by Marc Lee Raphael
             Rev by Charles Zibbell
        Revitalizing Residential Settings, by Martin Wolins and Yochanan Wozer
             Rev. by Viola W. Weiss
        Sexual Bargaining: Power Politics in the American Marriage, by John Scanzoni
             Rev. by Peter Glick
        Briefly Noted: Freud and Man’s Soul, by Bruno Bettleheim
             Rev by W.A.L 
IV. Agency Publications
        Reviewed by Mitchell Jaffe
V.  Minutes Annual Business Meeting
VI. Presidential Report
         Daniel Mann

Bridging the Gap Between Bureaucrat and Client
Volume 59, Issue 4, Summer 1983
     Ram A. Cna’an
     Gerald A. Bubis
     George S. Getzel
  Audrey P. Harris
     Sandra King
     Jeffrey Schwamm
     Ira Rosenwaike 
I. Fact and Opinion
        A Truncated but Significant Conference on Holocaust and Genocide
             Samuel Spiegler 
II. Reader’s Correspondence
        An Exchange on Israeli Social Work Education- Florence Mittwoch and Harris Chaiklin
        An Exchange on Treating the Jewish Family –Sidney N. Hurwitz and Efrem Nulman
        A Message from the Jewish National and University Library
III. Book Reviews: Edited by Walter A. Lurie
        Personal and Professional, Memoirs of a Life in Community Service; by Sidney Z. Vincent
             Rev. by Harry I. Barron
        Voluntary Agencies in the Welfare State, by Ralph M. Kramer
              Rev. by David Zeff
        Making Groups Effective, by Alvin Zander
             Rev. by Mortimer Bilenker
        On Equal Terms: Jews in America, 1881-1981, by Lucy J. Davidowicz
             Rev by W.A.L
        The Longest War: Israel in Lebanon, by Jacon Timerman
             Rev by W.A.L
        Strategies for Survival: Principles of Jewish Community Relations, by Walter A. Lurie
             Rev. by Joel Ollander
        Agency Publications
             Reviewed by Mitchell Jaffe

Social and Religious Custom, Tradition, Law in Jewish Communal Service
Volume 59 Issue 3, Spring 1983
     Harry Kosansky
     David Eskenazi
     Rabbi Daniel Nussbaum
     Gerald B. Bubis
Comment: Still Another Dimension
     Ethel Taft
     Melvin Frankel
     Dr. Samuel Schafler
     Steven J. Rod
Comment on “Social Work Education in Israel: An Analysis and Some Suggestions”
     Benjamin Gidron
     Harris Chaiklin
Excerpts from the Comments of the Conference Scholar-In-Residence to Newcomers at the Annual Meeting
     Sarah Lederman 
I. Fact and Opinion
        How Much of America Do the Arabs Own?
             Samuel Spiegler 
II. Book Reviews: Edited by Walter A. Lurie
        Power, Poverty and Education, by Arnold Lewis
             Rev by Dr. Alvin I. Schiff
        The First Guidebook to Prisons and Concentrations Camps of the Soviet Union, by Avraham Shifrin
              Rev. by Jerry Goodman
        In My People’s Service, by Isaac N. Trainin
             Rev by Judith H. Banki
        Holocaust Survivors; Psychological and Social Sequlae: A Special Issue of the Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy, Wilford Quaytman, editor
             Rev by Marcia Goldstone
        Giving Wisely, by Eliezer D. Jaffe
             Rev. by Robert Aronson
        Ethical Dilemmas in Social Service, by Frederick Reamer
             Rev. by Efram Nulman
        Agency Publications
             Rev. by Mitchell Jaffe

Jewish Communal Life
Volume 59, Issue 2, Winter 1982
     Jay B. Stern
     Steven Huberman
     Melvin B. Mogulof
     Norman Linzer
Comment: The Jewish Family: Authority and Tradition in Modern Perspective
     Morton R. Startz
     William Kahn
     Solomon Greenfield
     Percy Abrams
     James S. Elkind
     Martin E. Langer
     Debra Laks and Barry Lustig
William Kolodney- In Retrospect
     Carl Urbont
In Memorium, Sidney Vincent
     Henry L. Zucker 
I. Fact and Opinion
        On Cults: Keeping Kids Out and Getting Then Out
             Samuel Spiegler
II. Letters
        Gerald B. Bubis; David Andrews
III. Book Reviews: Edited by Walter A. Lurie
        Social Group Work and Alcoholism, by Marjorie Altman and Ruth Crocker, eds
             Rev. by Bruce L. Mondschain
        Working with Troubled Children, by Victor Savicki
             Rev. by Jerome D. Diamond
        Applying Computers in Social Service and Mental Health Agencies, ed. By Simon Slavin
             Rev by Alvin Chenkin
        The Child Savers; Jewish Justice Observed, by Peter S. Prescott
             Rev. by Marilyn Braveman
        Power, Poverty and Education, by Arnold Lewis
             Rev. by Dr. Alvin I. Schiff
        Health Aspects of Family Planning: A Guide to Resources in the U.S. by Allyson Stettner and Anita T. Cowan
             Rev. by Gary Rosenberg
        The Intellectual Base of Social Work Practice, by Harold Lewis
             Rev. by Efrem Nulman

Are We Beginning a Post Modernist Jewish Communal Life- With New Directions, New Leadership?
Volume 59, Issue 1, Fall 1982
     Berthram H. Gold
     Daniel J. Elazar
     Mark Silverberg
     Bernard Warach
     Harris Chaiklin
Harold Silver- In Memorium
     Samuel Lerner
     Sheldon Blitstein
     Leila Herman Perlmutter
     Efrem Nulman
     Alan Teperow and Rabbi Arnold Samlam
Create Drama, Create Involvement! Youth Education through Creative Drama
     Isaac Lakritz
     Ellen DelMonte 
I. Fact and Opinion
        Sex and the Jewish Tradition
             Samuel Spiegler
II. Letters
        Judith Lang: Response by Gerald Bubis
III. Book Reviews: Edited by Walter A. Lurie
        Israel’s Black Hebrews, by Morris Lounds Jr.
             Rev. by Graenum Berger
        Witness to the Holocaust, by Ariel Eisenberg
             Rev. by Aviva Kaufman Penn
        Patterns of the Family Violence, ed. By Margaret Elbow
             Rev. by Ernest G. Budwig
        Program Evaluation Guidelines, by Joyce Sichel
             Rev. by Ernest G. Budwig
        The Jewish Peoples’ Almanac, by David C. Gross
             Rev. by Solomon H. Green

Adapting to Contemporary Jewish Migrations
Volume 58, Issue 4, Summer 1982
     Daniel J. Elazar
     Walter A. Lurie
     Rubin Schindler
     David Eskenazi
     Jeffrey Schwamm and Conrad J. Koller
     Stephen C. Feinstein
     Moses Stambler
     Lynn F. Lappin and Rhonda S. Grossman
     Hedy Peyser and Elaine K. Hollander
I. Fact and Opinion
        An Assisi, 300 Jews Were Saved from the Holocaust
             Samuel Spiegler
II. Letters to the Editor
        Charles Ansell, Fannie Chipman, Donald Feldsteinm Bernard Reisman, David M. Epstein
III. Book Reviews: Edited by Walter Lurie
        The Turbulent Decades: Jewish Communal Service in America, 1958-78, edited by Graenum Berger
             Rev. by S.P. Goldberg
         The Remarried Family: Challenges and Promise, by Esther Wald
             Rev. by Margaret Weiner
         Family Therapy: A Triadic Based Approach, by Gerald Zuk
             Rev by Margaret Weiner
         Promoting Competence in Clients, ed by Anthony N. Maluccio
             Rev. by Elliot R. Rubin
         Briefly Noted by W.A.L: When Bad things Happen to Good People, by Harold S. Kushner
         The Mismeasure of Man, by Stephen jay Gould; Renascence or Oblivion; Proceedings of a Conference on Jewish Population, 1978, by Judith Zimmerman and Barbara Trainin
IV. Agency Applications
         Reviewed by Mitchell Jaffe

Jewish Communal Service- A Common Professional Nucleus? Coping with Shrinking Support
Volume 58, Issue 3, Spring 1982
     Benjamin Gidron
     Gerald Bubis
     Jonathan S. Woocher
     Gerald A. Teller
     Saul Andron
     Ted B. Farber
     Joel M. Carp
     Penina Frankel and Maya Golant
     Aviva Kohn Furchtgott
     Frank G. Repensek
     Estelle Reingold
     Benjamin Schlesinger and Robert P. Mullaly
     Marilyn Stern Gottlieb and Avron C. Heiligman
I.  Fact and Opinion
        World Council of Churches Guidelines Enjoin "Coercive Proselytism"
              Samuel Spiegler 
II. Letters
        From Abraham Davis, Ruth H. Lebovitz, Anita Weiss, and Eliezer D. Jaffe
III. Book Reviews: Edited by Walter A. Lurie
        Essay Review: Henry Ford and the Jews, by Albert Lee; and Hitler The Survival Myth, by Donald M. McKale
             Rev. by Joel Ollander
        Patterns of Family Violence, ed. By Margaret Elbow
             Rev. by Ernest C. Budwig
        The Substance Abuse Problem, by Sidney Cohen
             Rev. by Abraham Lurie
        Agency Publications
             Reviewed by Mitchell Jaffe

Training for Jewish Communal Service-Specific and Generic Approaches
Volume 58, Issue 2, Winter 1981
     Bernard Reisman
     Norman Linzer
     Barbara R. Krasner
     Michael J. Salamon, Penny Charytan, and Cindy E. McQuade
     Flora Kaplan
     Arden J. Geldman
     Robert A. Daniels
     Ruben Schindler
Brief Communications: Developing Timely Vocational Counseling Services
     Debra Laks
     Sam H. Perlstein
I. Fact and Opinion
        The Mystique of a Revitalized Jewry
             Sam Spiegler
II. Book Reviews: Edited by Walter A. Lurie
        Essay Review: Zionism in Transition, Moshe Davis, Ed
             Rev by Daniel Mann
        The Many Dimensions of Family Practice, FSAA
             Rev. by Stephen G. Donshik
        New Foster Parents: The First Experience, by Patricia Cautley
             Rev. by Samuel Lerner
        Fundamentals of Group Child Care: A Textbook and Instructional Guide for Child Care Workers, by Jack Adler
             Rev. by Viola W. Weiss
        You’re Our Child: A Social Psychological Approach to Adoption, by Jerome Smith and Franklin I. Miroff 
             Rev. by Donna C. Pressma
        Proceedings of the Annual Staff Institute, 1980-Jewish Community Centers of Chicago, Leon M. Wolff, Ed. 
             Rev by Emanuel Berlatsky
        Agency Publications
             Reviewed by Mitchell Jaffe

Resolution of Membership of Conference of Jewish Communal Service
Volume 58, Issue 1, Fall 1981
     Charles E. Silberman
     Victor D. Sanua
     Steve Zipperstein and Eliezer D. Jaffe
     Estelle R. Handelman
     Jerome Katz
     Ethel Taft and Doris Hirsch
     Phyllis Hulewat
     Rochel U. Berman
     Donna C. Pressma
In Memoriam: Fred Berl
     Louis L. Kaplan
I. Fact and Opinion
        College Freshmen, Jewish and Non-Jewish, Compared
             Samuel Spiegler 
II. Book Reviews: Edited by Walter A. Lurie
        Perspectives for the Future: Social Work Practice in the 80’s, Kay Dea, editor
             Rev. by Sanford N. Sherman
        Directory of Social and Health Agencies of New York City
             Rev. by Matthew Penn
        From Prejudice to Destruction: Anti Semitism, 1700-1933m by Jacob Katz             
             Rev. by W.A.L
        Agency Publications 
             Reviewed by Mitchell Jaff 
III. Annual Business Meeting
IV. Stewardship: The President’s Report
     Gerald Bubis

Professional Trends
Volume 57, Issue 4, Summer 1981
     Jonathan S. Woocher
     Gerald A. Bubis
     Idy B. Gitelson and Edward J. Reed
     Anne K. Effron and Caron T. Dale
     Arthur M. Cohn and Sonia Sniderman
     Moshe H. Spero
     Herbert S. Strean
     Asher Melzer
In Memoriam: Sol Rafel
     Graenum Berger
I. Fact and Opinion
        The Day the Sun Almost Didn't Shine
             Samuel Spiegler
II. Book Reviews: Edited by Walter A. Lurie
        Understanding Social Welfare, by Ralph Dolgoff and Donald Feldstein
             Rev. by Charles Zibbell
        Social Work with Families: Theory and Practice, Carlton E. Munson, Editor
             Rev. by Sanford Sherman
        Black Jews in America, by Graenum Berger
             Rev. by Jerry Hochbaum
        School Social Work and the Law, Conference Proceedings NASW
             Rev. by Joseph B. Robison

The Jewish Federation
Volume 57, Issue 3, Spring 1981
     William Avrunin
Comments on “What is Federation?”
     Charles Zibbell
     Louis Levitt
     David P. Varady and Samuel J. Mantal
     Bruce A Phillips and Bernard Dimsdale
     Rabbi Herb Tobin
     David Mladinov
     Edith Weiner
     Cipera Katz and Franklin A. Keleman
     Abby Snay 
I. Fact and Opinion
        Multimillion-Dollar Cancer Research Program Planned for Israel
             Samuel Spiegler 
II. Book Reviews: Edited by Walter A. Lurie
        The Lost Jews of the Ethiopian Falashas, by Louis Rapoport, An Essay Review by Graenum Berger
        Leaving Home, by Jay Haley
              Rev. by Alan B. Siskind
        Coping With Disruptive Behavior in Group Care by Eva M. Russo and Ann W. Shyne
              Rev. by Samuel P. Berman
        Supervision, Consultation, and Staff Training in the Helping Professions by Florence Whiteman Kaslow and Associates  
              Rev. by Ernest G. Budwig
        Alcoholism and the Jewish Community, by Rabbi Allen Blaine
              Rev. by Abraham Lurie

The Jewishness of Soviet- Jewish Culture
Volume 57, Issue 2, Winter 1980
In Memorium: Judah J. Shapiro
     Isidore Sobeloff
     Sanford Solender
     Leon Zimmerman
     Jerome M. Goldsmith and Judith Lang
Comment on: Direct Treatment of Children in the Family and Children’s Agency
     Joseph L. Taylor
     Alexander Orbach
     Simcha R. Goldberg
     David H. Colton
     Ken Light
     Florence Wish
     Eliezer D. Jaffe
Brief Communications: Developing Awareness of Chemical Use in the Jewish Community
     Bruce Friedman
     Rabbi Rashi Shapiro 
I. Fact and Opinion
        You Don't Have to be Jewish to Become President of a Synagogue
             Samuel Spiegler 
II.  Book Reviews : Edited by Walter A. Lurie
        The Response of Social Work to the Depression, by Jacob Fisher
             Rev by S.P Goldberg
        The Jewish Experimental Book: The Quest for Jewish Identity, by Bernard Reisman
             Rev. by Benjamin M. Kahn
        Supervision, Consultation and Staff Training in the Helping Professions by Florence Whiteman Kaslow and Associates
             Rev. by Ernest G. Budwig
        Bias in Mental Testing, by Arthur R. Jensen
             Rev. by Walter A. Lurie

The Jewish Community of the 1980’s
Volume 57, Issue 1, Fall 1980
     Leonard J. Fein
     Abe Vinik
     Mary Belkin
     Charles Miller
     Steven Huberman
     Alvin I. Schiff
     Larry R. Schwartz
     Terry Eisenberg Carrilio, Ruth G. Cohen, and Arnold R. Goldman
     Natalie Isser and Lita Linzer Schwartz
     Chaim I. Waxman
     Josef Korazim
     Marcia Greenberg Hoffman
     Rabbi Menahem Herman
     Richard J. Levin and Kenneth A. Bruss
     Rabbi John. H. Spitzer
I. Book Reviews: Edited by Walter A. Lurie
        On the Origins of Israeli Social Work: Reflections on the Autobiography of Cessy Rosenbluth. 
             An Essay Review by Jona M. Rosenfeld
        Employment and Unemployment in Social Work: A Study of NASW Members by David A. Hardcastle and Arthur J. Katz  
             Rev. by Bessie Pine
        The Causes and Effects of Anti-Semitism; the Dimensions of a Prejudice, by Paul E. Grosser and Edwin G. Halperin
              Rev. by David Scholem

Torah- True and Feminist Too
Volume 56, Issue 4, Summer 1980
     Aphrodite Clamar
     Judith Lang
     Rabbi Richard J. Israel
     Gabriele D. Schiff
     Haim Y. Ormian
     Anita Weiner  
I. Brief Communications: Services to Older Persons
             Claudia Fogel
             Jeffrey R. Solomon
             Marcella Siegel
             Dierdre Inga Arnowitz
             Miriam Schneider
             Rochel U. Berman and Betty W. Samuels 
II.  Fact and Opinion
        Budapest Rabbinical Seminary: Unique Institution
             Samuel Spiegler
III. Book Reviews: Edited by Walter A. Lurie
        Toward Human Dignity: Social Work in Practice, edited by John W. Hanks. 
             An essay review by David Zeff
        Helping People in Crisis, by Douglas A. Puryear
             Rev. by Judith Lang
        Social Work Quality Assurance Programs: A Comparative Analysis, by Claudia J. Coulton
             Rev. by Bernard Reisman
        Working With And for the Aged, edited by Jordan I. Kosberg
             Rev by Meyer E. Pollack
        Social Service Research: Reviews of Studies, edited by Henry S. Maas
             Rev. by Allan Borowski
        Jews and Judaism in a Midwestern Community: Columbus Ohio, 1840-1975, by Marc Lee Raphael
             Rev. by Barton R. Schachter

On Jewish Identity
Spring 56, Issue 3, Spring 1980
     Alouph Hareven
     Gerald B. Bubis
     Norman Linzer
     David Dubin
     Alan Singer
     Deborah Kaplan Polivy
     Phoebe Sharaf
I. Brief Communications
             Ira Gissen
             Dr. Leivy Smolar 
II. Fact and Opinion
        A Century Village in Israel?
             Samuel Spiegler 
III. Letters 
        From Harold Silver, Reuven Kimelman, Sidney Vincent, Matti Silverstein…
IV. Book Reviews: Edited by Walter A. Lurie
        Essay Review by Joel Ollander: A Promise to Keep, by Nathan Belth and Anti-Semitism in America, by Harold E. Qunley 
        and Charles Y. Glock
        The Jewish Paradox, by Nahum Goldmann
             Rev by Banjamin M. Kahn
        The Voice of My Blood Cries Out, by Murray J. Kohn
             Rev. by George Pollack
        Working for Children, by Judith S. Mearig and Associates
              Rev. by Charles S. Levy
        Quebec’s Health System, by Sidney S. Lee
             Rev. by David Weiss
        The Nonprofit Organization Handbook, ed. By Tracy D. Connors
              Rev. by Helene Audrey Bergman

Report of the Study of Jewish Federation Professionals
Volume 56, Issue 2, Winter 1979-1980
     Andrew B. Hahn and Arnold Gurin
     Robert I. Hiller
     Alan D. Bennett
     Lawrence Rubin
     Ralph Dolgoff
     Solomon Greenfield
     Earl Yaillen
     Rona Small and Paul Goldhamer
     Eileen Tarnoff
     Moshe HaLevi Spero
I. Fact and Opinion
        Holocaust Teaching Gets Tri-Faith Boost
             Samuel Spiegler 
II. Letters 
        From Harold Silver, Jack Kantrowitz, Eva Pallay
III. Book Reviews: Edited by Walter A. Lurie
        World Jewry and the State of Israel, ed. By Moshe Davis
              Rev. by Yehuda Rosenman
        Jewish Life in America: Historical Perspectives, ed. By Gladys Rosen; the Jewish in America: Roots and Destiny of
        American Jews, by Max. I. Dimont
              Rev. by Jerry Hochbaum 
        Child Welfare Perspectives: Selected Papers of Joseph H. Reid; ed. By Ann W. Shyne
              Rev. by Jerome D. Diamond
        Sharing Global Resources, by Arad and Arad, McCulloch, Pinera and Hollick
               Rev. by Ira Silverman
        Doing Good- The Limits of Benevolence, by Willard Gaylin, Ira Glasser, Steven Marcus, and David Rothman
               Rev. by Ernest E. Budwig
        Public Welfare, by Arthur Spindler; From Poor Law to Welfare State: A History of Social Welfare in America, by Walter  
              Rev. by Harold Kase
        Divorce in the United States, Canada and Great Britain: A Guide to Information Sources, ed. By Kenneth D and Betty H.    
              Rev. by Morris Rombro
        Genetic Disorders among Jewish People, by Richard M. Goodman
              Rev. by Ernest Lieber
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