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Dr. Steven Noble conducted a study titled Effective CEO Transitioning/Leadership Sustainability in North American Jewish Nonprofit Organizations: A Research Study of 440 CEO's. To read the entire report please click here.

In conjunction with The Berman Jewish Policy Archive @ NYU Wagner, JCSA sponsored a new study by Steven M. Cohen - Profiling the Professionals: Who's Serving Our CommunitiesClick here to read the complete study. 

JCSA is on Amazon.com!  Click here to purchase the books you've heard about through our Conference Calls and Events. 

As Seen in our Newsletter

To those entering Jewish communal service by Erica Brown

Jewish Professional as Colleague by Larry Moses
From Generation to Generation: Changing Behavioral Perceptions and Expectations in Jewish Nonprofits by Lori Klein & Shira Liff-Grieff


View the UJA Federation of New Yorks webcast

The Dawning of a New Day: A Call for a National Consultation - On the American Jewish Future by Steven Windmueller

Better Work, Better Life: Practices and Policies in Jewish Organizations   By Didi Goldenhar, Shifra Bronznick and Rachael Ellison

Mark Charendoff's Vision
JFN 2009 - By Mark Charendoff
Resources for the Economic Downturn:

Looking to the past: using the Journal of Jewish Communal Service as a guide.   
At a Crossroads: Jewish Social Services and the Great Depression by Toni Cascio. Journal of Jewish Communal Service (1996). Volume 72, Number 3.
Jewish Vocational Service and the Federations by Alfred P. Miller. Journal of Jewish Communal Service (1995-1996). Volume 72, Number 1-2.
Doing the Job in Difficult Time: An Appreciation of the Jewish Family Service by Gail Abramson. Journal of Jewish Communal Service (1994). Volume 70, Number 4.
A Time for Downsizing, a Time for Kehilla Leadership by Jack Lewis Boek. Journal of Jewish Communal Service (1992). Volume 69, Number 1.
Jewish Communal Service and the New Economy by Alfred P. Miller. Journal of Jewish Communal Service (1992). Volume 69, Number 1.
Managing Jewish Communal Agencies in Difficult Times: Cutting and Coping, by Jeffrey R. Solomon and Bonnie Shevins. Journal of Jewish Communal Service (1992). Volume 69, Number 1.
Coping with the Recession as a Community: The Experience of the Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford, by Andrew C. Paller. Jounral of Jewish Communal Service (1992). Volume 69, Number 1.
Doing with Less: The Ethics of Diminished Resources by David S. Ribner. Journal of Jewish Communal Service (1991-1992). Volume 68, Number 2. 

Other resources on the economic crisis:
Smooth Sailing through the Rough Waters of a Down Economy by Brian D. Gulledge
Economy puts pressure on Jewish community fron The Jewish Journal.

Resources on Diversity and the Jewish Community: Broadening the Big Tent

Jennifer Chau
From the Jewish Week, November 9, 2001
Breaking The Color Line
As the number of non-white Jews grows, advocates are pushing multiculturalism in schools.
by Rivka Gewirtz
Jennifer Chau was dedicated to Hebrew school studies at her Queens synagogue, but her rabbi and instructors weren’t necessarily as dedicated to her. She recalls them sending a silent message to her that she was different or not as welcome as the other students.

This article is adapted from a keynote address delivered to the Jewish Multiracial Network Symposium in November 2002.

Going Where We’re Growing:
Including the Multiracial Jewish Community
by Yosef Abramowitz

I am simply a fellow traveler and am here by virtue of two unlikely accidents of history: my son, Adar, was adopted from Ethiopia, and I am CEO of Jewish Family & Life!, the leading multimedia non-profit in Jewish life. Both of these life turns came about because of my commitment to communal change, as well as my activism on behalf of oppressed Jewry and in aid of the anti-apartheid movement. As a producer, I have been especially mindful to ensure that the images of normative Jews are diverse, especially in BabagaNewz, our children’s magazine that is in 800 schools across the country.

Lewis Gordon
From the Philadelphia Inquirer, April 5, 2007
Black Jew illuminates diversity of Judaism
By Dianna Marder
Inquirer Staff Writer
Much of the study of African Americans and Jews relates to relationships between the two groups.
But Lewis Ricardo Gordon, a Jamaica-born, Yale-educated author and Temple University professor, is studying African-Americans who are Jews.

Resources on Networking:

Nonstop Networking: How to Improve Your Life, Luck, and Career
by Andrea Nierenberg
Does the word "networking" make you cringe? Maybe that is why many shy away from the very skill that can help them personally and professionally. In Nonstop Networking author and personal marketing consultant, Andrea Nierenberg, reveals unique and easy-to-use strategies for linking-up with people in order to achieve mutual personal and professional goals. Based on five simple steps, Andrea's system is different from other networking techniques in that it focuses on comfortable and familiar techniques for building relationships and not on handing out business cards and asking for referrals. Readers will discover positive ways to network anywhere, any time and the secret of how to build relationships that will improve their life, luck, and career.
(from the Publisher)

More information can be found on
Amazon and on Andrea Nierenberg's Web site.

Other Resources:

Study Guide and Case Study Questions For the Journal of Jewish Communal Service
Vol. 82, No 3.  Dr. Steven Windmueller on his piece entitled
"The Second American Jewish Revolution"
Second Revloution Engaging Questions
Second Revolution Case Studies

Test Anxiety Reduction Program to Help Legal Immigrants Become Naturalized Citizens
Frances Meritt Stern, Ph.D. and Zandra Gratz, Ph.D. 





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