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The Changing Paradigm of Jewish Philanthropy 
Winter/Spring 2009. Volume 84, No. 1/2.

You can read two informative and compelling articles which discuss the changing paradigm of the Jewish community, "On the Value and Values of Jewish Social Entrepreneurship" by Yonatan Gordis and "Funding Innovation" by Felicia Herman, by clicking on the links to their articles, below.

Table of Contents

A New View
From the Special Issues of Editors  
I. Community Development and Relationships
Organized Philanthropy's Relationships to Independent Jewish Philanthropy: A Dialogue between Jogn Ruskay and Jeffery Solomon
    Noel Rubinton
Keeping Our Balance: Strong Governance in Challenging Times
    Marjory Kaplan 
An Insider's View of Public and Private Philanthropy
    Charles "Chip" Edelsberg 
Crossing the Great Divide to Support Birthright: Experimenting with Models of Philanthropic Collaboration
    Jason Soloway 
The Dynamic Role of the Family Foundation Professional
    Stefanie Rhodes 
II. Innovation and Developing Trends
On the Value and Values of Social Entrepreneurship
    Yonatan Gordis 
Funding Innovation
    Felicia Herman 
Addressing the Invitations: Are Jewish Women on the List?
    Nancy Schwartz Sternoff and Deborah Skolnick Einhorn 
The "Gift" as a New Paradigm: A Discussion with Jeffrey Solomon, Sandy Cardin, and Rabbi David Gedzelman
    Joanna S. Ballantine 
Toward a Tikkun Olam Policy for World Jewry and Israel
    Eli Fried, Roger Bennett, and Charles Keidan 
Current Trends in Phinathropy
    Steven Gunderson
III. Philanthropy in Israel
The Ambivalent Emergence of Philanthropy in Israel
    Dvora Blum 
A Conceptual Map of Poverty in Israel: Good Philanthropy Needs Good Information
    Yael Shalgi
IV. The Next Generation
Beyond Duty and Obligation: Engaging the Next Generation
    Sharna Goldseker 
Jewish Youth Philanthropy
    Sarah Gelman and Stephanie Zelkind
V. Under the Microscope: Lessons Learned from Case Studies
Failing to Succeed: Two Case Studies
    Deena K. Fuchs
A Case Study of a Successful Donor-Nonprofit Relationship
    Gali Cooks and Sara Sokolic
The Powerful Return on Investing in Individuals
    Joanna S. Ballantine
Challenges in Evaluation
    Shale Stiller
Proactive vs. Reactive Philanthropy: An Interview with Steve Lear of Nechama
    Alana Joblin Ain
VI. From the Field
Gay, Jewish, or Both: Sexual Orientation and Jewish Engagement
    Steven M. Cohen, Caryn Aviv, and Ari Y. Kelman
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